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Monarch ELS Logistics – Changing a business image from ordinary to extraordinary!

Excellent business, mediocre website

Like many expanding businesses, Monarch ELS Ltd had a website that just couldn’t keep up with their rate of growth. Sure it was a useful online presence, but something wasn’t right. It just didn’t reflect who they were. It couldn’t showcase the true scale of their operations across Europe or the exceptional service they provided in logistics.

Monarch ELS Ltd are heavyweights in the world of logistics and are time-critical specialists. How could they translate that to future potential clients without a decent website?

They needed of a solution.

Following a recommendation, Monarch ELS contacted us with the possibility of a website re-development.

Image is everything

Monarch ELS needed this website to grow with them. It had to be future-proof and we completely agreed.

Following some friendly discussions, we quickly established that Monarch ELS needed a website that they could update themselves, giving them the ability to manage their own content. They needed it to be viewed properly on internet capable devises but more importantly, they wanted it show at a glance, their vast expertise in logistics.

However, in the interest of providing a truly transparent service, we had to be honest. The current website could not be re-developed to meet those demands. It was just too old and outdated. For us it would be like trying to fit a Formula One engine into a Robin Reliant. It was just going to crash and someone could get badly hurt. Probably us.

What Monarch ELS truly needed was a sparkly new website. One that shouted professional service from the roof tops. Collaboration was the key.

A modern website for a modern business

Working closely together with Monarch ELS and their vision, we were able to produce a design brief that ticked all the right boxes. It was vital for us to keep them informed of our progress and developments every step of the way so that they felt comfortable and reassured that their needs were being met.

One requirement we had identified was that their website needed to be viewed on smartphones and tablets. This is something that we recommend to all our customers.

These days you will be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t use their tablet, or their phone to browse the internet. And what happens if you have a business website that doesn’t display properly? Well they move on to your competitors.

Monarchy web study
Monarchy web study

Having a responsive site immediately opens up the opportunity for more people to access your services.
So this was a solution Monarch ELS were keen to use. Not only would that mean more traffic to their website, but more customers. And everybody knows what more customers mean. So we set to work creating their site on a flexible layout that could easily adapt and change to a variety of screens.

What is a website without good content?

Our design centric approach doesn’t just involve the layout and images, but also the text. The content had to speak to a certain type of client. So our talented copywriting team carefully began their research on the type of customers that Monarch ELS attracts.

Using research into the profile of their customers, our copywriters carefully selected appropriate tone and wording. This made sure that the customers’ experience on the website unanimously reflected the image that Monarch ELS needed to portray.

With the design complete and the content included, it was launch time. Users soon found that the new website represented Monarch ELS perfectly. The striking images highlighted their capabilities, the bold references identified their European expansion and users could easily navigate to the services of choice.

Better websites boost customer base

Since the new website launch, traffic has increased 100% and Monarch ELS have never looked back. They now have a new website that truly represents the high level of service that they provide to their customers and one that distinguishes them as the logistic company of choice in Europe. 

Just like Monarch ELS, maybe your business started out with a basic website? Here at Cocoonfxmedia we are experts in website development. Find out how we can help you grow your website and attract more clients by visiting our Web Development Page  or contact us here.