Graphic design and SEO for Derby restaurant

Graphic design and SEO for Derby restaurant

Graphic Design Posters

Annie‚Äôs Burger Shack is an authentic American Shack, located in the historic city of Derby. Annie's are very active. Always putting different events and nights through the year. This is where we were given the honour of designing some posters for internal promotions of upcoming events. In graphic design wise, we got full reign, although Annie has lots of ideas to incorporate too. 

SEO Campaign

A key goal of the campaign was to gain control of online PR pieces about the restaurant. Challenge accepted. First off, on-site work. Getting the site core integrated with standard requirements for an SEO campaign.

Once done, we set about rolling out a brand awareness campaign to saturate search engine results with company-branded keyword searches. They started at the bottom of page 1 with a single listing. The bulk of the campaign was spent developing quality backlinks and optimising Google listings. By the time the campaign had finished, Annie's Burgers posts occupied the entire first page, with only one listing not directly controlled by the marketing team.

The brand campaign also had other impacts on the Google My Business listings. This is a key area when addressing local search and mobile usage. Visitors to a city using mobile phones on the go utilise Google My Business listings a lot more to access key information. It's always worth considering boosts to local search campaigns around events that will be bringing extra visitors to your location.

Local SEO & Google My Business

In the map results under Google My Business, we managed to get Annie's Burgers ranked number one.

They saw an increase in the visibility of Google My Business of over 30,000 image views per month. That's 3000+ clicks to the website, 380+ phone calls, and 1500 requests for directions to the restaurants.

General organic traffic also increased to the website within the first month by over 1500 new visitors. For obvious reasons we can't completely claim for ourselves, in the second month, between the marketing team and the SEO campaign, for the first time in the restaurant's history, Annie's Burgers had a full restaurant booking.

Overall, the campaign was successful in achieving its goal. Branded search was dominated and positive gains were made in organic search to place Annies Burgers in a position where they wanted to be.

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