Google AdWords Case Study

Google AdWords Case Study

The marketing industry is constantly changing as new technologies are innovated and later become available to the general public. As marketers, we have seen it all when it comes to trends so it is no surprise that companies are always trying out new technologies, after all, marketing is a test of what works and what doesn’t right?

However, what was unforeseen was the rising demand for Google AdWord campaigns which launched at the start of the millennium. Eighteen years on and today still proving fruitful, more than a million advertisers generate tens of billions in revenue for Google as well as their own companies.

Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords is first and foremost an online advertising service developed by Google which guarantees to get your product on the first page of google by the user curating a list of positive and negative keywords. You then set a budget and pay a certain amount of money per click, where the aim is as always with any marketing activity to receive the maximum amount of value at the lowest possible cost.

Return on investment can be tracked with ease and is one of the perks that our latest AdWords client, Rainbow Play Systems, enjoyed the most.

Rainbow Play Systems Ltd are a specialist “Wooden Climbing Frame company” that sell bespoke luxury climbing frames. Recently we were approached by our strategic marketing partner Haywood Sener who asked us to manage this particular AdWords campaign.

The initial campaign was targeted at Black Friday shoppers which converted 1050 click-throughs and lead to the website. Pleased with the results, the next campaign was a Christmas campaign that started after Black Friday in November, where we increased the reach of the advert by over 430% and click-through rate by over 143% and reduced the cost per click by a staggering 71%.  Leading to 2 high-value orders and more in the pipeline.

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Return on investment

The click-through also complemented our client in another way. As well as creating potential leads the campaign doubled traffic to their website and created brand awareness for the company.

On the back of the campaign, we generated Rainbow Play Systems Ltd a massive return on investment of over 30%

Cara Bradney UK Marketing Manager at Rainbow Play said, “We are delighted with the performance from the Adwords campaigns and we’ve just commission Cocoonfxmedia Ltd to manage another 2 campaigns going forward with more on the horizon.”

If you want to create leads, be on the first page of google, double your site traffic whilst making a huge return on investment all at the same time, get in touch and see how AdWords can help your company succeed.

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