Doble Bathrooms SEO Case Study

Doble Bathrooms  SEO Case Study

Doble Bathrooms is a family-owned business based in South East England focused on offering their customers some amazing prices on everything they could need for a bathroom, from toilets to showers, basins, and taps. With their showroom, customers can view their products in person, but in order to compete with the rest of the industry, Doble Bathrooms needed to take it up a gear. Like so many other businesses in all industries, they needed to widen their customer base and sales by heading online. With the global pandemic hitting in 2020, it was essential that their website was up to the task of supplying customers with what they needed when not shopping in person.  

Doble Bathrooms created a brand new website that had 1000s of products on it. When they approached our team, their goal was to increase the online sales they were making. Unsure of why their customers were not buying any of their products, they also came to us for expert advice. Despite having a website and the products readily available to buy, customers were simply not completing the buyer's journey, and this was frustrating for them.

After seeking out our services, Doble Bathrooms had one request: they wanted to get rapid results without using Google Adwords. A challenge, but something that was possible to achieve. This is how we got the results they were looking for.

What We Did

With several goals to meet, we set about coming up with a number of tried and tested tactics that we knew would bring results.

Uncovering the buyer's journey 

As they wanted to understand why their customers were not purchasing products directly from their site, we first set up a Google Analytics Funnel to track purchases. With the funnel in place, we could inform Doble Bathrooms of just where a user was entering and where they were exiting the sales process. We could monitor this throughout the entire project and make adjustments to ensure that the number of customers exiting the sale process was reduced. 

Boosting sale numbers

Upon discovering where customers were leaving, we then set about identifying any changes that could instead boost sales. We noticed several improvements that we could make to the shopping cart to increase their sales. Some of the changes we recommended and then implemented included changing the layout and the buttons' colour schemes. How they were displaying products prior to our SEO audit played a part in why customers were not purchasing products. It also wasn't meeting Google Best Practices. We offered advice on how they should be displaying them according to these Best Practices that Google recommended.

It wasn't just the layout and colour changes that we noticed could be improved. While their products had descriptions, there was a lot more potential to be had with them, and they would play a vital role in helping increase their sales. We rewrote the product descriptions after carrying out keyword research. We positioned these sourced keywords within the new product descriptions, ensuring that customers were enticed to buy the products.

It also meant that Doble Bathrooms were then targeting the best-ranking terms for their industry and boosting their overall ranking on the search engines. Using keyword positioning tracking, we could easily monitor how well their web page was ranking, making it possible for us to show how they were making progress.

Better ranking = better sales results

As they wanted to increase sales, we focused on their products and formed a strategy that targeted their key ones to help their overall ranking. A better ranking position would increase the number of active users on their website, increasing the potential for more sales to be made.

Part of boosting their ranking position involved local SEO strategies. However, we noticed that they were missing vital code on their website that would be essential in helping with their local SEO, including their schema markup and meta descriptions. We spent a portion of time and budget to aid their local SEO efforts by adding in this vital code.  

Getting rapid results with SEO

Doble Bathrooms wanted rapid results without using Google Adwords, but SEO is a long process and often doesn't show results for a while, even if it is making progress in the background. Therefore, considering this, we had to form strategies that would benefit the client and show them the direction it would take them. Each month that did pass, however, we saw improvements made, and we made sure to pass these on to the client in the monthly meeting updates. We could explain the results and discuss the long-term benefits that the SEO strategies we were implementing would bring during these meetings.


Our digital services have helped our clients get their businesses to where they need to be, and Doble Bathrooms has become the latest to benefit from our expertise. We provided them with solid results by implementing the above tactics, which highly benefited their business.

In December 2021, Doble Bathrooms had 34 website users on average. When we took on this project, by January 5th, what we had implemented had started to kick in. This figure jumped to 108 users. By February 2022, they began experiencing between 156-160 users every single day. Doble Bathrooms is now experiencing 3800 visitors from Google Searches.

However, Doble Bathrooms came to us because they wanted to increase their online sales. We certainly managed to achieve this too. We increased online sales and reduced cart abandonment successfully. This wasn't all. Customers were ordering their products online, but many were then using the website as a reference before coming into the showroom to then fulfil their purchase.

If you want to increase your online sales, just like Doble Bathrooms, get in touch with our team today.

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