Crafting a Bespoke Brand Identity for Bespoke by Design

Crafting a Bespoke Brand Identity for Bespoke by Design

Client Overview: 

Bespoke by Design is a distinguished company operating in the exhibitions sector, specializing in crafting unique and tailored stand designs. Their commitment to personalized experiences sets them apart in an industry often characterized by standardization.


Bespoke by Design sought to establish a brand identity that reflected their commitment to uniqueness and tailored solutions. While they had a vision, they needed guidance on translating it into a cohesive brand identity that would resonate with their audience and convey their values effectively.


We employed a systematic method to identify the brand's personality swiftly. This involved delving into keywords across five dimensions of brand meaning: culture, customer, voice, feel, and impact. Collaborating closely with the client, we ensured their vision and aspirations were integral to the process, allowing them to imprint their own stamp on the brand identity journey.

Design Process: 

The design process unfolded through iterative cycles of sketching ideas, refining choices, and narrowing down options. We presented a curated selection of designs, allowing the client to make informed decisions. Ultimately, we moved forward with a design that encapsulated the essence of Bespoke by Design – distinctiveness, customization, and creativity


The culmination of this collaboration resulted in a brand identity that authentically represents Bespoke by Design's ethos. The chosen design reflects their commitment to tailor-made solutions while exuding sophistication and creativity. It serves as a beacon for their unique approach in the exhibitions sector.


With the brand identity solidified, the next step was to create a digital presence that would showcase Bespoke by Design's portfolio effectively. We developed a comprehensive website featuring a dynamic gallery function, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the company's exquisite work. Additionally, we crafted a bespoke icon set to enhance the visual appeal and coherence of the brand across digital platforms.


Through a collaborative and iterative process, we successfully crafted a bespoke brand identity for Bespoke by Design that resonates with their audience and embodies their values. This project highlights the power of synergy between client vision and design expertise in creating impactful brand identities. Visit Bespoke by Design's website to experience their unique offerings firsthand.

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