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Case Study: Taking the hassle out of digital marketing

Meeting the challenge of today’s digital society

Many SMEs (small to medium enterprises) who view their business as ‘offline’ often underestimate the importance of an online presence. Assuming that the majority of their customers would not view their services on the internet, they continue marketing themselves traditionally.

However, this wasn’t the case for expanding business, Carpet Surgeon. As a well-established carpet repair service, they had been around long enough to understand that the way people contact services had changed.

In today’s digital world, Carpet Surgeon knew that the first thing people would do after accidently dropping their iron on their plush new carpet was to first curse, and second to search the internet for advice on rectifying the problem. They also knew that they needed a valuable online presence to be able to answer that query.

Digital marketing made simple

The process of web design and digital marketing can be daunting for many SMEs who have not ventured into that area before. Talk of domains, feeds, codes and cookies can make even the most confident business person uneasy. So when Carpet Surgeon came to us with the request for a new website and digital marketing support, they were happy to find that our non-jargon and friendly approach suited them instantly.

Carpet Surgeon’s requirements were to produce a new website that promoted their versatile expertise in carpet repair and reflect their professional service. They also needed support in social media and digital marketing to help potential customers find them quickly and easily.

Focusing on providing a transparent service to Carpet Surgeon, we openly discussed options to fit their budget, collaborated on designs to ensure that it reflected their brand and identified exactly what would be needed from them to complete the process.

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No time, no problem

Another challenge for Carpet Surgeon was one that all growing SMEs continue to battle with, and that is Time. Using digital marketing is extremely effective, but also very time consuming. So as well as web design, we provided a one-stop solution for all their digital marketing needs:

Content: Each web page needs a minimum amount of interesting and engaging content. For Carpet Surgeon we provided quality copywriting that not only creates valuable information for the reader but is also optimised for search engines. Blogs, case studies, friendly slogans; whatever content was required we provided.

Social Media: To maximise the opportunity for people to find services, SMEs need to go where the people are – in social media. Now more than ever, social media is crucial for reaching customers and sharing useful information. To get the best out of social media for Carpet Surgeon, we set-up and managed their Twitter account. Creating tweets that generate interest, target potential clients and encourage visits to their website.

SEO: Search engine optimisation is a tricky thing even for people who work in digital marketing. But at Cocoonfxmedia, we are experts in getting your website ranked high in online searches and that is exactly the support we provided to Carpet Surgeon. With proven techniques we ethically increased traffic to the website and improved its online position.

Providing the whole package

With Cocoonfxmedia offering the whole package, Carpet Surgeon remained assured that we would take care of the process completely. This would take the hassle and stress out of web design and digital marketing and leave them time to focus on what was important, their business.

Once the website was complete and online, the boost for the business of Carpet Surgeon was obvious. Traffic now flowed steadily to the website, customers viewed their helpful videos and blogs, engaged with them on social media and were easily able to contact them.

The number of clients grew for Carpet Surgeon with high profile customers ranging from innovation centres to popular attraction hotels.

Digital marketing; the solution for all SMEs

Carpet Surgeon agreed that all SMEs should take the opportunity to create a great online presence with digital marketing.

Contacting us for their web design needs was definitely the right decision. Our non-jargon approach allowed the process to be easily understood and our transparent service guaranteed, “that what was agreed, is what they received.”

The expert digital marketing strategy we provided gave them a professional and engaging online presence that boosted their customer base and provided more opportunity for people to find them and to use their expert carpet repair services. Happy days.

If you are an expanding SME and also understand the importance of a great online presence just like Carpet Surgeon, then please visit our marketing page to learn more about how we can support you with your vision, or contact us here.

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