Amazing Success Slashing Bounce Rates

Amazing Success Slashing Bounce Rates

If you’ve had some dealings with website development you may have come across this term… bounce rate.

A bounce rate lets you know if people are leaving your website without actually interacting with it; basically they arrive, decide it’s not for them and wonder off.

There may be a number of reasons why a website is receiving a high bounce rate. Perhaps you may recognise some of the following issues with your own site?

Reasons behind a poor performing website

Business Enterprise Support (BES) contacted us, exasperated that their website just wasn’t performing the way they had expected. As an influential support service for businesses and start-ups, it was imperative that their website reflected their professional approach and motivated visitors to contact them.

They asked us to make some investigations.

What we found was that they were indeed correct; the website couldn’t be viewed properly on mobile devices and took an age to load. In fact Google site speed scored it a meagre 30 out of 100 when loading on a desktop and even less for mobiles at 21.

Bored users waiting for load times led to a 90% bounce rate

Continuing our investigations we also found usability was difficult and bounce rate was at a high of 90%. Clearly some immediate action was required.

Executing a 2 phase plan 

Following some target setting with the client, we put together a 2 phase plan to help get the BES website back up to speed.

The first phase involved an intensive period of updates, changes and tweaks. Steps were taken to move the hosting of the website to a secure, faster service.

We then meticulously checked the webpage code for errors, resulting in over 3000 lines of unused and unnecessary code being removed from the program.

Now it was time to address the issue of the website’s appearance on mobile devices. Using advanced technologies, we skilfully converted the existing website into a responsive format that would adapt for viewing on any smartphone or tablet device.

A faster hosting platform, removal of code, and a mobile responsive site generated vast improvements

This action now opened up a whole new host of users with a preference for searching for business support on their devices. With the website now running as efficiently as possible, Google site speed increased to 77 out of 100; a big step-up from the original 30 score.

To top off phase 1, we then added an SSL certificate to keep the website data completely secure.

Make it all about the user

Now the visitors could quickly see the website, it was time to keep them there.

Additions to the landing page were provided to attract attention and stimulate interest. Strong visuals, call to actions and the production of a new events page worked to prompt interaction and improve user experience.

Collaborating well with our new client BES, an idea was devised to create a brand new Partners Page with exclusive offers that benefitted BES customers.

To monitor the effectiveness of this new idea and provide evidence of success, we set up a specialised program to track clicks from the new page to outbound partner sites.

Dynamic changes equal amazing results

It didn’t take long to recognise that the steps we had taken in phase 1 and 2 were already making a significant impact on the site.

BES reported impressive feedback from site visitors … and as for their bounce rate?

Following phase 1 and the move to a faster host, bounce rate reduced to 51%. We viewed that as a great success until phase 2 was implemented, where we discovered that the bounce rate had dropped to an astonishing 0.98%.

Bounce rate dropped to an astonishing 0.98%

Google Analytics Dashboard image

BES are more than impressed with the dynamic changes made not only to their website, but to the feedback and interaction from their online customers.

Striving to meet expectations to transcend, we continue to work as partners with Business Enterprise Support in developing their website and providing a brighter, better user experience for them and their customers.

Would you like similar support to improve your bounce rate and user experience? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to carry out some investigations for you.

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