Case Studies

We’ve worked in many different sectors with all shapes and sizes of businesses, from Retail to Healthcare. Our Digital expertise have helped our clients to grow and they’ve helped us to grow.

We have complied some In-depth case studies showing how we really work, and we will continue to add more case studies.

Please do take sometime to have a read through on how we've helped our clients meet their goals.

New Website & SEO campaign for Air Conditioning Specialist

The team at Cocoonfxmedia made the website build a very painless process, and their on-going proactive approach makes for a dynamic website that is simply leagues ahead of where we expected to be at t...

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STR Logistics Acquisition Required New Branding

The logo design forms the basis for the rest of the marketing materials. Colour schemes, typefaces, supporting graphics are all in place to start creating the rest of the collateral and helping to ens...

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Property management system for Phoenix Lettings

For when of the shelf products don't quite hit the mark. Phoenix lettings a property management CRM system built that fits them perfectly.

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Improved business processes for automative industry

Web development project to move from hardware to the cloud. Have you got multiple data sources in non-standardised format on a platform that about to go into melt down. Call us!

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Digital accounts system Birmingham

When making the experience of accounts and taxation painless we produced accountancy management software woven into how this company works.

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Smart portal for IFE Global Logistics

A portal so logistic companies can now get more visibility and control over their shipments – resulting in savings in both time and money.

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Web Hosting Solutions for Multiple Websites

Eventurous decided that accessing their new web hosting service would make the whole process quicker and easier, providing one main point of access and support.

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New Logistics Website for FSC Oceans

Digitalising a physical industry is achallenging position to be in, but this didn’t stop freight forwarding new comers FSC Oceans from deciding to take this plunge with a new logistics website built b...

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Google AdWords Case Study

The marketing industry is constantly changing as new technologies are innovated and later become available to the general public. Google AdWords is a marketing technique that our latest client was esp...

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