August 08th 2013

Wordpress Twenty Thirteen Post Excerpts

How to change Post Exceprts [...] to

Wordpress have recently added the Twenty Thirteen standard theme.  It looks pretty good for a standard template and is also responsive which helps with mobile devices.  One area which has changed is the architecture and naming conventions of the files.  For example content-page has gone and so has some of the nice little functions.

For example the post excerpt summary has changed slightly.  You will notice if you're creating a customised page layout and you want to show a post summary based on a category, the following will show [...] after the summary instead of "Click here to read more >>".

To remove the [...] you need to change the themes function.php and add the following code.

function change_excerpt_more()
    function new_excerpt_more($more)
        return '<span><a href="'.get_permalink() .'"> [Continue Reading..]</a></span>';
Update: 3rd Feb 2017. This markup is still relevant for Twenty Seventeen theme.

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