February 24th 2020

Why Strong Website Design is Vital for E-commerce Brands

Why Strong Website Design is Vital for E-commerce Brands

Although there are more people than ever setting up an e-commerce business, that doesn’t mean it's easy. It might be relatively simple to get a website up and running, and even to make your first sale, but there’s a lot of work and decision making that goes into an e-commerce launch. If you're considering starting your own e-commerce store, or you’re currently operating one, and you're not sure what’s going wrong, then you may have overlooked the importance of strong web design. Website building platforms are fantastic resources, and the best ones allow you to customise your design so that you stand out. Here’s what you need to know.

First Impressions Matter

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. When someone visits your e-commerce store, they will judge you immediately. That means that you only have a few quick seconds to make the right impression and leave a positive impact. Outdated websites, or those with an unappealing design, are sometimes all it takes for a consumer to navigate away from your site and head somewhere more professional. That means you're missing out on sales. Think about your branding and how you can use it to make the right first impression every time.

Get Found

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be very intimidating, and that’s why so many e-commerce brands quickly take advantage of a professional Digital Marketing Agency in Lichfield to get found. You might not think that your website design has much to do with SEO since it tends to be more about content than the look of an e-commerce store. However, the fact is that the right design is essential for an SEO boost. Everything from your metadata to your URL titles needs to be factored into your back-end SEO, and if you fail to address those on-page necessities, then you make it harder for consumers to find you when they search for you and your e-commerce pages. You need to ensure that your website:

●      Is easy to navigate

●      Can be viewed on any device

●      Is branded consistently on every page

●      Uses quality visuals (photo and video)

●      Has content that provides value and will keep consumers on your site for longer

●      Uses Calls to Action on every page

●      Is fast to load

That can all be a lot of work. However, get your store designed with the SEO fundamentals and the content that provides value, and your organic website visitor numbers will steadily grow.

Using your Data

The more well-designed your website, the more access to valuable data you have. In the digital age of business, that data is the new oil. If you’re not using your metrics, measuring them, and responding to what you learn from them, then you’re exposing yourself to failure. Those analytics can teach you all you need to know about what works on your website, what doesn't, and what pages are driving people elsewhere. Take the time to learn some basic data analysis, and your e-commerce venture will be much more secure.

If you think that website design is only about picking the right colours and hoping for the best, it might be time to have another look. With the right design decisions, your e-commerce store could be more durable, more flexible, and more likely to grow.

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