November 07th 2017

Why authenticity in marketing is important

Authenticity is especially important when establishing your brand. Likes and comments have proven to be psychologically rewarding, however this is just for show. Sixty-two percent of consumers say they are more interested in buying from a brand or company they believe to be authentic.

How digital undermines authenticity

Digital marketers may be tempted to use social media management services to automatically like tracked hash tags and receive likes back from bots, however when these results are measured, the only people you’re really engaging with are automatic 'likers' who probably are not based in the country you’re trading from.

GoogleAds also get bypassed when users search on Google/ Bing, and organic SEO results are more likely to be taken note of. For start up companies, when creating the right brand image it may seem tempting and justifiable to use adwords and paid tools to promote your services and create a faster return on investment, however organic results are more likely to engage with consumers and persuade them to buy into and from your brand.

Integrity creates a customer relationship based on trust. Authentic pricing should also be taken into account. By offering the lowest prices around consumers feel that there is a, “too good, to be true” element to a certain deal, and makes them more likely to go for a brand that is more expensive on the basis that they will get extra value for their money. “Me too”, syndrome should be avoided; giving out free products de-values the brand along with the industry you’re trading in.

A shining example

In the FMCG industry, high-end supermarket Marks & Spencer was named the most authentic brand*, identified as those that protect customer privacy, treat customers well, deliver on promises, use high-quality ingredient, is genuine, acts with integrity at all times and communicates honestly.

By replicating this attitude and thinking your brand will be on the right track for long-term organic reach and engagement.

*M&S scored 92.33 out of 100, followed by Boots (89.65), Amazon (88.53), Lego (88.31) and Dyson (87.6).

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