May 01st 2013

Which Fonts Should We Use?

Choice of proper fonts is very important for delivering information in an impressive manner. During the selection of font we have to bear in mind the type of audience, what is the communication, the medium used, emotional response and psychological aspects.

Font categories

Mainly four types of fonts are used. They are Serif fonts, Sans Serif fonts, Script fonts and decorative fonts.

Serif fonts contain letters with short lines at the top and bottom. They are for formal, classy, quaint, engaging and traditional styles. They are most suited for printing.

Sans Serif fonts are without the serifs. They are used for informal, playful, youthful and accessible styles. They create clean body copy and headlines and are most suited for digital purposes.

Script fonts look handwritten. They are casual, charming, relaxed and inviting. They are good for digital printing and are used for wedding invitations, greeting cards and other personal communications.

Decorative fonts are custom made and visually/aesthetically driven. They are informal, customised and original and suited for headlines.

Typography guideline

Line spacing should facilitate easy reading. Standard spacing maybe 30 to 60% of the font size.

Line length should improve readability. The recommendation is 45 to 65 characters/line (7 to 10 words).

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