July 17th 2020

When and Why Should You Update Your SEO?

When and Why Should You Update Your SEO?

Updating your SEO regularly is extremely important to make sure that you can stay at the top of search rankings and to ensure that your marketing efforts remain fresh. However, if your SEO marketing campaigns are falling behind and you are uncertain when you should take action, this guide contains everything you need to know about updating your search engine optimisation.

Update Your SEO Regularly

Firstly, regardless of what is happening within your business, you must be able to update your SEO regularly, especially if you are hoping to remain above the competition. For most businesses, the average amount of time that they should go before updating their SEO is around 3 months. However, if you want to keep your content fresh and consistent, you may consider rejuvenating your marketing practices every month to stay at the top.

Growing Your Business

One of the most critical times that you should update your SEO is if you are planning to grow your business. Building your business relies on the fact that you will be attracting a significant number of customers and processing a larger number of sales. To do this, your SEO campaign is of particular importance as this will drive your target audience, who have already been looking for businesses like yours, toward your company.

New Marketing Campaigns

Although it might appear to be obvious, you should consider changing your keywords whenever you start a new marketing campaign, even if you are not planning to focus solely on SEO. This will allow you to focus your keywords on the products that you are promoting, in particular, this season and the image that your customers want to have of your business. Not only this, but you should also change your SEO campaign whenever you introduce a new product or service, as this will enable your target audience to notice and flock toward your new product.

Website Redesign

Website redesigns are notorious for damaging your previous attempts at achieving perfect SEO for your company due to changes in its code, pages, and backlinks. Although many strategies can prevent your redesign from harming your SEO campaigns, you should consider hiring an SEO agency to boost your campaigns after you have established your website, ensuring that your optimisation goes from strength to strength.

Failing Metrics

If you have noticed that your metrics are not showing you the statistics that you want them to, this could be due to an ineffective search engine optimisation campaign. For example, a decrease in website traffic could mean that your SEO is not boosting your website onto the front page of search engine results. However, hiring a digital marketing agency can ensure that you can track your metrics more effectively in the future, allowing you to mitigate the weaknesses that have become evident in your KPI analysis.

The Latest Trends

Lastly, Google Analytics changes the factors on which they base their search results regularly, creating SEO trends that businesses must follow if they want to succeed. Then, if you believe that you are not following the latest trends for 2020, or that your competition is starting to be able to improve their SEO, you should consider developing a new campaign based on these trends.

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