July 02nd 2018

What are the Benefits of Using Green Web Hosting?

While web hosting is a familiar word to many, not all of us will have heard of green web hosting. However, as the name implies, green web hosting is simply a web hosting solution that is powered by an eco-friendly resource, such as renewable energy. By finding alternatives to burning fossil fuels and using sunlight, wind and even water to power or keep their web hosting solutions cool, there are many benefits business owners may never have considered – benefits that are more than saving the planet, although this is the most important of the lot! Therefore, if you’re on the edge and wondering whether to migrate to a web hosting company that uses eco-friendly practices, here are a few reasons why you should make the change.

A Reduced Internet Carbon Footprint

The internet has progressed over the years and is not what it once was in its fledgling years. There is a huge amount of user-generated content out there, ranging from written blog posts to video and even audio, which is hosted on servers that are then housed in data centres. These data centres house many servers, which host anything from corporate websites and e-commerce stores to personal blogs, and because of the sheer amount of servers, these need to be kept cool. For them to remain cool, a huge amount of energy is used, which, of course, causes a significant amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) to be omitted. By turning to a green web hosting company, you’re greatly reducing your carbon footprint, as renewable energy sources are being used to cool down their servers instead.

Cost Saving Opportunities

Like most eco-friendly solutions, turning to green web hosting can be more affordable than the standard hosting plans. Why? Because, unlike the usual web hosting solutions, you don’t usually have to pay for the electricity used to keep the servers cool. Instead, when using green web hosting, the electricity generated is through renewable sources like solar panels or wind farms, and because this is an unlimited source, it is much cheaper.

A Chance to Re-Brand

Nowadays people are more inclined to use a company that has eco-friendly values. With more emphasis being placed on looking for environmentally-friendly alternatives and lifestyles, people are making more of an effort when it comes to buying a car, choosing a house to live in, and the lightbulbs they use within their homes. While not many people consider web hosting as being a threat to the environment, by saying you’re using a green web hosting company, you’re giving yourself a leg up over your competitors. Rather than be a company that isn’t worried about your carbon footprint, be one that is striving for a better, brighter and greener future.

The Ability to Make a Difference

While saving money and having a chance to market your business differently can be massive positives, the best reason to make the switch from normal web hosting to green web hosting is that it’s going to make a difference to the environment. There’s no denying the effects of global warming, so the best stance people should take is to look for eco-friendly ways to reduce the impact they have on planet Earth.

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