January 27th 2014

Webmail - Email Filters to help prevent Spam

Setting Up Email Filters in Webmail

Hello and welcome to the new tutorial from Cocoonfxmedia Ltd. Today we're going to look at webmail and how to start adding spam filters to stop those pesky horrible spam emails. You constantly get several things to just point out often or not at all now rather HMRC and the bank seem to be sending an awful lot of emails with attachments these are spam HMRC and the banks.

They do not contact you or do not send anything via email of any significance so if you come across any of those I would highly recommend that you do not download the zip files and you do not open or click the links this goes for any email with voicemail attachments these sometimes these will contain viruses the simple solution is if you're in doubt just delete the email and market as spam however if there is stuff still coming through and you want to get rid of them then what we're going to do is we're going to show you how to do the first line of defence.

If you like so to get to your webmail what you need to do is just go to your website and type in the web now just as it is up there, and this will redirect you to this page so type in your email address and password so click in login.

You want to stop the auto-load and then you'll be confronted with the following so the first thing we need to do is we need to create an email filtering this is where you start the process for stopping those pesky emails.

What we need to do is create a filter so here it gives it a name rule one sometimes we want to different rules because we may want to expand on them or make them tighter also it's good to have a logical name in case you're stopping really mail coming through so on this one we call this “Dirk” and it's because this guy here sent me a request for a donation I don't know him we'll never know him and I don't trust that email, or that that email address, and I certainly don't trust where this comes from that does not look like a standard email address.

What I'm going to do is copy that there are several ways you can do that and I'm going to create this rule and from the drop-down, you've got various options. Select equal to or you can do other matches. We want to disregard the messages, but we can have other options as well but discourage messages will stop them from coming at all.

There's also some hints and tips in here on what you can do with regards to creating spam filters so if I click create on that that now has successfully created my first rule so what we can do is could test that rule and what we could do is return to here and there's you see the Dirk is there what we're going to do is, we're going to test this email through this little test filter. It will say here, we go filter set up to at least one significant every or other action no other action or deliveries will declare that basically means that's blocked. Just to show you I mean if I did this normal delivery will occur, so you see that there are two clear separations, so we know that my email address works what we're going to do also is we're going to create a second rule, and we're going to take just a domain part of this filter. We're going to clip back and when the Creator new filter called Dirk to again from but what we want to do is we want to say it contains part of that web address at Takoma etc. Again we want to put it in the bin so if we create that and if we click back to our return menus. I'm just going quickly grab that and if we go back and we just do a little test and we'll do test comm, so there we go that will not come to freeze anything from that the main there will be blocked I really don't recommend you put a block on Gmail or anything to do a Gmail only if you know he has an active web address. 

What we can also do if we took that web address is we can take this here and we can also put this as a rule as a filter. To do this part here and what we'll do is we'll create a filter and call this body Dirk sounds a bit weird and we're going to select the body this is the body of the email. We want it to put contains and fingers cross, this work. Money has been donated so we create that rule we clip that to the filters let's put that in here and test filter so there we go it's been blocked if we put it in and remove the word donated to see what happens normal delivery will all occur so it's not exactly bulletproof but you can have as many filters as you want on our hosting packages this will start to eradicate any email on my main account I've got ten filters set up and some extra security on the website and I probably get one or two spam emails a week now but i

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