July 23rd 2012

Web site not attracting enough clients

Do these questions sound familiar:

  • Is you're site not showing up on Google or any of the search engines?
  • I am not getting any sales leads from my website?
  • I don't know how to get my site higher in Google or the other search engines?

Well these are also familiar with Cocoonfxmedia Ltd and any website.  It is critical for website to be found online for them to work, and often or not spam sites get in the way of genuine businesses.  However Google introduced two massive updates this year.

Google Updates

Google Panda and Penguin - it sounds like something out of a BBC wildlife program but these updates massively change the way you market you're sites online.

Panda was designed to remove spam sites through checking who is linking to your site, whats your traffic, what is your content like and our you trustworthy and upto date. This update came around March time which if your site was hit by this you would plummet down the ranks.

Make sure you have the key steps in place

We did! Page 1 position 3 to page 13 over night.  Google Penguin was the other kick in the teeth... If you're site was over optimised (Can we win!!) with links all over the place, keywords stuffed everyone and adverts everywhere, you where going to get punished big time.  (This was the done thing up until April this year.).  Again Google's aim is to move sites which had ROT - Redundant, Outdated and Tedious content, and replace it with well built, updated content with relevant links.

So how can we help?  well simple we got our site from page 13 to page 1 in less than 2 weeks, with all of our pages in the first page of Google for a target keywords.  We understand what is needed to get your website up the google rankings.  For example do a Google search for "SEO Lichfield" we will be position 3.

We can provide you with the tools and expertise to help you get your site to the top positions within the Search Engines.  Remember! if anyone promises position 1 in a set period of time, don't trust them.  Its rubbish as no one can promise position 1 accept Google.  We can make the steps and have the processes in place to aim to get you to the top spot.  This separates us from our competitors as we're living in the real world.

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Author : James Blackman - Cocoonfxmedia Ltd SEO Expert.

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