August 10th 2012

Using Current Events To Build Links To Your Website

Generating enough backlinks to your businesses website can be a struggle at times, but there are is constant stream of opportunities that come out of big news events and here are some ways to take advantage of such events.

List of opportunities to build your web traffic:

  1. Create killer articles or blog posts to go on your site as link bait – people will naturally link to and share content that they find interesting and incorporating big events into an article gives them a better chance of attracting such links.A great example would be the Olympics – the sheer amount of buzz generated means that blogs and news websites are constantly on the lookout for content to reference and link to. If you were to create a catchy, well-crafted article that relates the Olympics to your business, it could well get some authoritative websites sending you link love.Any business can do this, even a wedding planner. For example, an article based around a new Olympic themed wedding package that you are offering would stand a good chance of being picked up by local and national press. Even if nobody ever takes you up on the offer, references and links from such news websites and other blogs would do you the world of good.
  2. Offer other sites news and event themed guest blogs. As mentioned, bloggers want content that ties in to current events but many bloggers are either lazy or strapped for time so offering to write a post for them in return for a backlink is a sensible approach that many will be happy with.While it is best for you to get backlinks from related websites, it is not to say that you cannot go outside of your niche and somehow bring topics together.Going back to the wedding planner example, if you think outside the box, even a sports blog could be workable. Imagine there is a big football tournament on in the summer which just happens to be the most popular time for weddings – you could write a blog about how to keep wedding guests happy if there is an England match on.
  3. Link your industry and the big news events together in an infogrpahic which will act as fantastic link bait.The crisis in Europe could be used here as another example for our wedding planner who needs links. You could quite easily take a list of the most common wedding costs and show how the weak Euro means that it may actually cost you less to stage a wedding abroad.You would simply go through items and give the typical UK costs versus the typical Euro cost. It doesn’t have to be massive but it does need to look professional so it is advisable to hire a company to do it for you – this can cost as little as £200.
  4. Become a source of comments for journalists. You are an expert in your field and so you are more than qualified to comment on news events and how they are impacting your business and industry.Services like Help A Reporter Out (HARO) bring journalists and commentators together and before you know it, you could be appearing as an industry expert in your local paper or even national press.This not only helps build links but it increases your authority in the field allowing you to charge premium prices for being an trusted provider who knows what they are doing.

These are just 4 examples of how current events can be utilised to generate backlinks for your businesses website. Thinking a little outside the box will probably allow you to come up with even more that are relevant to your specific field but there really aren’t any limitations.

Will Flow writes about how businesses can boost their online presence, whether they are advertising job centre vacancies or running a wedding planning service.

Article written by Will from Waller Web Works.

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