January 07th 2015

Transcend in Design and Marketing

TRANSCEND – What we stand for!

To transcend something means to go over and above what is expected. This definition demonstrates why it was the clear choice for the acronym we used for our mission statement as we pride ourselves on offering a service to our clients which meets and exceeds their expectations.

We’re a dynamic digital marketing agency based in the West Midlands with an emphasis on helping develop and create vibrant, engaging websites which are tailored to each and every individual’s specific requirements. With over four billion pages on the Indexed Web it’s imperative that yours stands out and our expertise helps to ensure your vision becomes a reality. We’re extremely passionate about what it is that we do which means that we deliver perfection as standard.

As we mentioned at the start, our manifesto is exemplified through the acronym TRANSCEND which essentially stands for the following:

TRansparent: the service we provide is completely trustworthy and we’ll keep you informed of developments from the beginning of a project to the end. You’ll always get the full picture.

Analytical: each project we manage makes use of tools to measure the effectiveness of what we’ve been tasked with. This helps ensure we can measure what we’ve produced against the goals and objectives we’ve been set, either by our clients, ourselves or both.

Non-jargon: no techno-babble. We’ll talk to you at a level you understand; if you’re tech-savvy we’ll talk tech-savvy. If you’re not, we won’t.

Social: Communication is one of the fundamental building blocks to civilisation and social coordination and we are fully aware that everything we produce exists within a social context and therefor we must be fully responsible for the messages we portray.

Collaborative: the relationships we form with our clients is one which encourages participation in everything we do. Partnerships are the best way for our services and products to work.

ENgaging: we need to engage with you throughout to ensure an effective campaign but we also need to engage with the end-user of your products and/or services; it’s important to speak with the customer on their terms at all times.

Design-centric: our services are user-focussed and solution-based. We use design to identify the most effective means of achieving what you want and then go over and above what is required to always exceed your expectations. Your satisfaction is absolutely imperative to us, not least because of the pride we take in what it is that we do.

This mission statement is at the core of everything it is that we do. We want you to be proud of your business both online and offline. Whether you require a brand-new website, an updated website, search engine optimisation (SEO) or a social media campaign we’re the ideal choice. So get in touch with our friendly team today and see how we transcend the level of service you expect.

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