December 23rd 2019

The Most Anticipated Web Design Trends of 2020

The Most Anticipated Web Design Trends of 2020

At a time when tabs and never-ending push notifications are competing for our attention, web design is all about perception and clear messages. Transparency is key when it comes to web design in 2020. It is about having a de-cluttered and content-rich website that’s stylish, up-to-date, and well-working.

1.   Split screen content

Why limit yourself? If you have more than one idea, product or service to promote, split the screen and show both all at once. This web design is modern and captivating; it adds sophistication to your brand and will impress anyone who clicks through to your website.

Have the screen split down the middle, and if you want to add something extra fancy, have each side of the screen scroll at different paces – this is so they can read about one product (on the left, for example), and the other product (on the right) while also enjoying the surprising asymmetry.

2.   Solid colour

Similar to split screen, you can break your content even further, resulting in squares and rectangles of all different sizes, separated by blocks of colour. This web design trend is ideal for businesses needing to display a collection of items – the block of colours will act as a means of breaking up your website’s visuals so that it doesn’t seem overpowering.

Your design needs to be complementary. It needs to be easy to understand, so make sure you select a colour scheme that suits not only your brand but also your visuals. Use a grid-like template so that the colour blocks are neatly placed.

3.   Visuals (3D digital art, illustrations…)

3D digital images are great when used against a clean and minimalistic background. Such artwork is eye-catching and can keep customers on your site for longer, but 3D digital art is also futuristic and will make your website/business seem cutting-edge. This design trend should be used in moderation, though – less is more when it comes to 3D digital art.

On the other hand, illustrations offer a much more wholesome testimonial for your business. Illustrations, from icons to full-sized images, are compelling to look at and can help create your brand’s story. You could create a character that becomes a mascot, for instance, which people love to see.

4.   Interactivity

Video is incredibly popular, taking the web by storm. Include a video on your website for increased interactivity, which not only conveys your brand’s ethos but can also stop bounce rates. We are more likely to sit and watch a video than read through what looks like a lot of content.

You’re not limited to video, though. You can have typography that runs across the screen, videos that play when you hover over certain icons, and little animations.

5.   Whitespace

A term used when describing the blank areas between design elements, whitespace is a popular and effective design trend that is set to become even more prominent throughout 2020. Whitespace lessens claustrophobic thoughts and de-clutters your website; it makes your site look pristine without looking too bare and minimalistic.

Whitespace allows the focus to resonate on your visuals – what it is your company does and how they can benefit your customers – rather than making your site too confusing to understand. 

Designing your website is no easy task, especially if you do not have the technical skills. Rather than risk downtime, our team will happily help you plan and implement any design elements you wish to introduce to your website. We offer web design in Lichfield, as well as web hosting and marketing strategies.

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