October 10th 2019

The Key to Flawless Business Processing Is Here

As any business grows you will likely handle more data – customer information, product details, tracking data – the list goes on. This can lead to databases overflowing with inaccurate data, which is both inevitable and highly infuriating. However, you don't have to let this be the case - there is a way out.

As expert web developers with over 25 years of experience, Cocoonfxmedia knows better than anyone the most effective ways to optimise speed, accuracy, and uniformity of data in and out of your database. How? Via the design and implementation of the most advanced, cutting-edge systems that manage that information, alleviating that stress and allowing your business to focus on more pressing matters.

Effectively, we take the business equivalent of hell off your hands and turn it into heaven.

The Answer

Tricks we have up our sleeves to ensure your information is handled and received efficiently are bountiful:

Our team specialise in scalable web development solutions for clients at all stages of their business development. We can quickly analyse any system your business uses (no matter how outdated) and compile the data flow in and out to develop a system which can save time, improve data quality and help with the customer experience. This leads to an increase in digital self-service as the experience of data collection and observation has become more user-friendly. As well as this, we can redesign any website to modern standards in a unique fashion that improves user experience and separates it from the crowd.

We are proficient in utilising a track and trace smart logistics system. This allows you to track any imported or exported goods down to the individual container or carton – not the vessel on which the operator says it was originally booked. This allows you to deliver more accurate data to your own clients and identify problems the second they arise.

Creating and managing the most efficient web portals can be done to your specific needs. Our web portals can be used to collate data flow in your business or to collate data from the track and trace systems, allowing for quicker and easier analysis. This is just one of the many bespoke solutions we offer.

We are cautious. When handling business’ records, we always have a fallback option in case of system crashes, we always handle privacy issues when addressing sensitive information such as warranties, and we use the latest anti-malware software on all systems including our supplied databases. We even develop our own security systems for our clients to ensure data recovery if any problems arise.

Using Amazon Warehouse Servers (AWS) is second nature to us. We input your data (be it from transactional systems, relational databases, or other sources) and can analyse it to extract insights from that data, monitor business performance, and support decision making.

Our unique Carbon Calculator for Logistics is irreplaceable. Using hyper-accurate calculations, we can produce CO2 reports almost instantaneously.

Credit: helloquence from Unsplash

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We are not all bark and no bite – we have taken action with the above businesses goals to meet and exceed requirements of our clients.

IFE Smart Portal 

For IFE Global Logistics, we created a smart portal which offers real-time tracking of vessels and individual containers in a UK industry first. Because of this, IFE got more visibility and control over their shipments than ever before – resulting in savings in both time and money. The system included:

  • Automatic updates which reduce delays and keep everyone informed at each stage of the process;
  • Real-time visual tracking at container level, which enables IFE to track individual containers or cartons on the vessel actually carrying their cargo;
  • Accurate and independent forecasts for estimated times of arrival and intuitive graphical displays of a container’s journey, giving much greater visibility on goods in transit.

As a result of this, Jamie Cramer, Managing Director of IFE Global Logistics, said:

“Cocoonfxmedia have smashed it out of the park with the delivery and have demonstrated flexibility and creativity to overcome some incredibly complex problems.  We at IFE look forward to working with James and the team to continue developing the system. I would highly recommend them.”

Automotive success with Orchestra Agency

Another success story comes from Orchestra Agency. 11 separate databases with unorganised information spread around in a chaotic manner plagued this automotive industry’s business until we merged and integrated the databases into a cloud-based system which digitalised the whole business process.

Allowing for fast and more accurate data being provided to the client. We manage and host the system through our web hosting service. Orchestra laid down by far the most complex problem Cocoonfxmedia has had to deal with to date. The project involved multiple data sets on old legacy systems but with a 4-step plan and dedication, our team created a system currently able to send out between 100 to 1000 emails a day with 99% accuracy and delivery rate. These harmonious data exchanges between the business and their clients has boosted them to new heights.

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