July 17th 2020

The Differences Between Professional and Amateur Web Design

The Differences Between Professional and Amateur Web Design

When you are debating if you should hire a web design agency for your next digital project, you may be wondering whether anyone will be able to tell if you have designed the website yourself or hired a professional. There are many obvious differences between professional and amateur web design that can make hiring a web design agency worth it, and here are some of the top features that people who visit your site will notice.

1.   Customised to Your Business

One of the significant differences between professional and amateur website design is that professional website creation will be tailored toward the needs of your business. Whereas many amateur website designers simply use the pre-made themes and selections that are offered on simple website building programmes, such as WordPress; professional website design goes above and beyond this. Not only does this make professional website designs look different from the variety of other websites on the internet, but it also helps them to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of potential customers. If you are looking for a company that can create customised, scalable website designs for your business, Cocoon Fix Media offers web design in Staffordshire.

2.   Easy Navigation

Navigation can often be the greatest tell whether a website is designed by a professional or not. Many amateur web pages are cluttered, have difficult to use menus, and are impossible to read well. Not only this, but they can often have functional issues such as links and buttons failing to work, or an inability to fill in essential boxes, such as in contact forms. However, with professional expertise, websites can be easy to follow and use for everyone, including those on a variety of devices, such as mobile phones or tablets. For instance, they may have clear call-to-actions and large buttons that are easy to spot and press on whichever device the viewer can use.

3.   Trendy Design

Like the products that you are selling, websites also follow specific trends throughout the year, fashions that amateur designers may not be aware of. However, professional sites can take these trends into account, ensuring that the website in question looks unrelentingly modern. This includes using a lot of the latest technology and applications within the website design, such as the use of chatbots and live chats. This will make your website more appealing and easier to use for customers.

4.   Simplicity

When amateurs create a website, it can be easy to fall into the trap of over-designing. This may involve an abundance of bright and gaudy graphics, along with many different types of fonts and an extensive menu that is filled with different pages. However, professional websites value simplicity and designers know how to create a site that is both eye-catching and simple. For instance, they may use a single appealing image and one stylish font to show their flair while also make sure not to overload the senses of the viewers.

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