January 30th 2012

The benefits of using Google Analytics for your business.

Do you have a website for your business?

You presume people visit it...you definitely tell customers about it, but how can you be sure when, where and how people are accessing your website?

Google analytics is an outstanding tool that allows you to gather information on where customers are accessing your web page from and how they interact with each page, in a real time situation.

Google Analytics - Ok, so let’s start from the beginning;

A Google analytics account can be set up for anyone who has a website and would like analysis of how well their website is performing under their business aims. The analysis tool highlights where customers are visiting the site from in real time and it records how they got to your website. This allows a business to monitor the customers more closely and build a plan around targeting them. The facts and figures can tell you the average time spent on the site, percentage of visitors who are browsing for the first time, the traffic sources (the percentage of people that found your website through a search engine, a link on another website or directly typed in the web address) and the bounce rate (the amount of people who landed on the home page and then exited the website).

At Cocoonfxmedia Ltd as well as setting up an analytics account for your business, we can look at the different types of data received and help your business translate this into a plan of action. The information on the amount of time spent on the home page or an individual page, is essential for your website to be at the best it can be. Cocoonfxmedia can also customise filters through the analytics tool so that any ‘internal traffic’ generated by you visiting the site personally (for example through updates) will be recorded separately so

you can see how many unique visitors have found your site. Again, allowing a true figure to highlight how successful your current campaigns are at communicating with customers. The tool also has a featurefor reporting on a Google Adword campaign.

Google Analytics then becomes even more detailed, which is especially exiting for those who are constructing the marketing campaign! The map features will show where your traffic is coming from geographically, highlighting the areas of the country, or in fact, the city that you should be targeting with your business marketing. It is possible to see how often your customers visit the site, the languages they speak and whether they are coming from a desktop computer, tablet or mobile device – which could lead to your business considering whether you should create a mobile app?

The pages of your website that are most popular with visitors are shown by how many hits they have and also on which page the customers exited the website.

Here is an example video from Moz.

Cocoonfxmedia analyses the detailed data fully for the business, which will then lead to the progression and development of your marketing strategy. Without this tool it is near on impossible to work out a true and accurate return on investment. The statistics surrounding the website visitors and which pages are most popular, are key to the growth of your company. We can help you plan for the future of your business and evaluate campaign that may already be in place with this tool. Your marketing strategy analysis can take an even more integrated approach, with the feature that compares visitor figures week-on-week, so the impact of a campaign can be fully examined.

The more visits your website has, the better ranking it will have with Google in the search facility. When websites have a strong ranking they often trade links with other strong industry partners, thus improving their SEM (search engine marketing) which is their position in the search of a keyword that relates to their site - for example ‘videos - YouTube’. Google analytics gives you all the information your business needs to get the higher number of customer visits and create the strong links to improve your SEM.

We are currently working with various companies on Google Analytics projects. We have found that the results have helped these companies make informed decisions concerning their businesses future direction, in the short and long term. TC Media LTD is currently using the results from analytics for targeted marketing promotions surrounding their web hosting packages.

Talk to us  today about becoming more integrated with your business website.

We will help you calculate a true ROI, plan a direction for your future and evaluate where the interest is geographically surrounding your business.

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