October 23rd 2012

The benefits of Outsourcing SEO and Social Media Marketing

Can’t see the wood for the trees?

The SEO process is a science pretty much in the same mode as the science of ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’ school of thought. Often times when you’re trying to find your way you're blinded by what is going on around you and cannot see the big picture. SEO is a lot like that; you know what has to be done but in reality, you have no idea about how to go about it to get the best results. SEO outsourcing lifts the blindfold so you can see where you're going, courtesy of the new road map placed in front of you.

Outsource SEO for a more dynamic Google action

Google is perhaps the closest thing on the planet to artificial intelligence, and it either likes what it sees or it doesn’t. Pretty much like the ‘instant like or dislike’ reaction people have when being introduced to another person, Google tends to have that reaction to millions of websites every day too. If you try to SEO (search engine optimise) your own website you're going to get things wrong and turn Google off your website, as sure as low website rankings affect millions of websites worldwide.

Outsource Social Media while you're at it

If you have a website presence you need a social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to mention just a few examples linked to it. Social media is the buzz word and the Google algorithm counts links, backlinks and likes towards ranking a website. Like optimising your website you need to do the same with your social media platform and outsource optimisation to get the best possible ranking from Google and other search engines.

Why outsource when I could do it myself?

One good reason why you should outsource SEO and social media marketing is for the reason you can’t see the wood for the trees.

Let me explain. If you have a commercial or personal website (blog) there are certain rules which must be followed in order to attain the highest potential Google page ranking. You can only spend a finite amount of time researching how links, textual links, image text and headings should be set out on a page. In addition, researching how to set up the headers and metatags of pages and where to place internal links and whether they are relevant and authoritative takes up lots of time. Oh yes, then you also have the small matter of running your business.

Then of course there is your lone experience in researching and putting in place relevant and authoritative internal links, compared to the experience of a team of professional SEO experts. Basically, there isn't a contest because to be at the top of any game you need to constantly research emerging SEO trends, social media trends and consumer trends.

Oh yes, you also need to constantly research website and graphic design trends and understand just what Google and other search engines will make of the end product. If you have the time and the tenacity to research and stay on top of the continuously changing world of SEO and Google then you are in the minority.

To create the most cost-effective method of producing and masterminding a killer website optimised to attract as much targeted traffic from Google and other search engines, you should outsource. In terms of return on investment (ROI) potential, outsourcing the services you need to get your website noticed, ranked highly and maintain its position; outsourcing is the most cost-effective.

Try it; once you see how effective it is you’ll seriously beat yourself up as to why you have been wasting so much of your valuable time on a ‘road to nowhere’. Outsource Social Media and SEO reap the benefits of professional expertise.

Author:  James Blackman - Cocoonfxmedia Ltd "Outsourcing SEO Expert"

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