June 18th 2011

Social Marketing - The Power of Twitter

What Twitter can do for you?

Twitter has changed the way the world communicates with its clients. At first, I was very sceptical of Twitter, thinking what can 140 characters do to improve my business? Do people actually read the tweets? Why do I only seem to attract people from the US?....

It always seemed like a waste of time and I could not understand the hype – however, once I started using it I immediately began to see its potential and some tangible benefits. So how do Twitter and the 140 characters improve your business?

As you may or may not know traffic to your site are critical, not only to gain a good return on investment but also the search engines need traffic/hits on your site to grade and rank it. A site with 30 hits will not be given the same rank or importance as a site with 100 hits.

Here are some basic facts about Twitter:

1 - There are currently 110 million tweets per day from the 200 million registered users.  (est.1200 tweets per second...)
2 - You can send out a targeted message which alerts users back to your site.
3 - Your targeted message reaches a global market, not just your followers.
4 - Google stores Tweets
5 - You not only promote your business/brand but you can create a community which helps develop your brand reputation.

OK.. big numbers

Well, you could do what we did by setting up an account and then start twittering... so you have a few followers and you have a few 100 people your following... however this is not going to make a big difference to your statistics or increase your brand awareness. So then you start to search for Twitter accounts around your area but this could take months to develop enough followers to increase your statistics and more impotently how many tweets do I have to make to get these followers... 1 day? 2 an hour? How many?

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