February 04th 2021



A website is like a car, every year you need to have a service an oil change and the brakes & MOT. A website is really no different, it is a valuable asset to your business and with out loving care it can break down easily. Code & Technology are moving at such a fast pace your site could become out of date and cracks could appear in the code.

Like the everything in the world, bored teenagers & professional hackers out they're looking for the websites which aren't updated. Outdated sites are easy prey to test out their skills and also gateway for testing bigger hacks for much larger sites. It doesn't matter how good your firewalls or anti virus is new exploits appear.

Website Updates are critical

Wordpress is often one of the targets as it has the largest amount of sites using it. Hackers know that often businesses will build a site and just leave it. The core developers for Wordpress however are constantly improving and making the core better and improving security.

However if the website owner doesn't update his site these new patches and security updates the site then becomes exposed. In fact in 2020 over 28 security updates where released by Wordpress. 2 updates have been released in February already.

We can take care of the updates for you the more regularly its done the less chance of having issues

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