March 24th 2021

RISE of Millennials! Death of the Freight Forwarder

RISE of the Millennials Gen- Z! Death of the Freight Forwarder

The logistics & freight forwarding industry is incredibly challenging at the moment with the dreaded B-word COVID and those pesky Millennials Gen-Z demanding quality of service & ethics (according to a survey). We all know the logistics industry is quite far behind like many industries when it comes to technology and marketing and particularly online.

Does your website look something similar to below? Old looking and non-mobile responsive?

We did a quick search online on shipping lines to help write this blog and it wasn't hard to find a lot of what we would describe as ancient-looking websites. This is a non-secure, non-mobile responsive website. The typography is small, the content isn't layout at all well. However, this is a common issue within the logistics & freight forwarding industry.

 Thamesport Website

The digitalisation of Logistics - This doesn't mean just IT Systems.

When I started to write this blog, I was thinking about Millennials but actually your business needs to think about Gen-Z.  Both Generations are tech-savvy and some of the newest billionaires are under 40. A lot of starting apparel and fashion businesses which demand a supply chain and ship thousands of consignments. If your website hasn't been touched since 2007 you could be losing revenue. These individuals will not be using desktops they will be using mobile devices to search quickly for a logistics company that provides a quality and ethical service over cost. They will not hang around trying to navigate around old content, out of date imagery and really basic information on what your business does. You need to move with the times.

No one visits my websites! It does nothing for me! 

We often hear this or we don't have the time or the budget to fix our website or marketing. WRONG! you do have the budget and you need to make time or find someone who can help you market your website. It is very simple you could miss out on 100 TEUs or 10,000 shipments via Airfreight or storage because a 20 something could do the following:

  1. Find your site on google or social media.
  2. When they did stumble across your site it didn't work very well on their mobile device.
  3. Content was outdated and used freight terminology and buzz words from before they were born.

We know profit margins are tight in logistics as we've worked in the industry, but you can't have the old mindset that you can drum up business through cold calling and word of mouth. You need to add your website as your top salesperson to drive enquiries you never had and the more you promote your website it will continuously pay for itself every day. You need to change your mindset on technology and customer expectations. Customers now demand more at their fingertips and want an easy life trying to get to it.  Don't miss out on an opportunity to modernise your business for the future. 

We can help with the above and we can help your business modernise to meet the demands of the next generations. If you want to find out more about our Web Design services please do get in contact.

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