March 09th 2016

Representing Lichfield Culture

Prominent and distinctively decorating the skyline of Lichfield Staffordshire are five unmistakable spires.

These towering gothic Cathedral and ornate Church spires are the defining marks of a cherished historic city that medieval travellers identified as a welcome sight for much-needed rest and opportunities to trade.

But why the sudden history lesson?

Here at Cocoonfxmedia, we aren’t just based in Lichfield Staffordshire…. we identify with it.

Here’s how we’re taking a page out of Lichfield’s history books to bring local businesses a web design service with which they can really relate.

Five Spires of Superior Service

Just as Lichfield’s five spires represented a place of rest and trade, so to do our five pillars of service which our customers also rely on to help boost trade opportunities through:

1. Strategic planning and goal orientation
2. Creative and bespoke website designs
3. Optimised and powerful web developments
4. Traffic driving, brand-boosting digital marketing
5. Precision monitoring and measurement reports

The three recognisable spires of the Cathedral still remain a visible reminder of the open welcome that this popular coaching city extended to historic travellers and traders nationwide. By encouraging visitors and travelling merchants to stay, traders would easily find markets full of interested customers which in turn benefitted Lichfield, making it Staffordshire’s most prosperous town at the time.

Today Cocoonfxmedia are working to uphold Lichfield’s welcoming ethos by encouraging businesses to stop off and discover a new digital marketplace full of customers that will help businesses prosper both in and around Staffordshire.

Maintaining the Unspoilt Charm of your Business

With its elegant Georgian architecture and Tudor buildings, much of Lichfield retains its unspoilt charm and personality from as early as the year 1315; making it an appealing choice for tourists and history enthusiasts the world around.

Yet like many modern cities of today, Lichfield isn’t left in the dark ages.

Keeping hold of the original culture and traditional buildings doesn’t have to mean avoiding the modern conveniences of today’s technologically enlightened world. So if you’re a traditional business that treasures your current way of working, going online doesn’t have to mean tearing down your history and paving over it with complex modern concepts.

Cocoonfxmedia works hard to increase your local business opportunities using websites and digital marketing, without compromising on the quality service you already provide. So you can be confident that whilst we develop and manage a website that represents your current style and preferences, you can avoid any additional stresses, leaving you to do what you do best; run your business.

A Staffordshire Centre of Inspiration, Philosophy and Creativity

One of our favourite details about Lichfield is the creativity and intellectual activity that the city nurtures; bringing us renowned philosophers such as Samuel Johnson and Erasmus Darwin (Charles Darwin’s Grandfather) as well as many famous musicians and actors such as Tony Christie and Helen Baxendale who have put down roots in the inspirational city of Lichfield.

But it’s not just ‘Emily from Friends’ or ‘the way to Amarillo’ that leave us feeling creative, but the many inspiring and innovative businesses that grace Lichfield throughout the town centres and in the business parks.

We know that these inspiring Lichfield and Staffordshire businesses deserve only the best when it comes to marketing their services online.

That’s why at Cocoonfxmedia we continue to train and research the latest software and technologies that allow us to use creative methods to grab the attention of your audience and boost your services using techniques such as social media marketing and inbound marketing.

Your Local Lichfield Web Design Company

At Cocoonfxmedia we are proud not only to be based in Lichfield but to serve the local businesses, charities and service sectors within Lichfield and the surrounding area of Staffordshire in a way that reflects the true spirit of this historic and creative city.

And we’re happy that YOU also support your local economy by choosing us as your local website management and digital marketing team.

To see how we’ve helped boost local businesses in and around Lichfield, Staffordshire simply has a quick read through some of our case studies or to find out just how to target your local customers visit our contact page or call us on Lichfield 0121 8203659 to drop in for a coffee and a chat.

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