December 05th 2022

Reasons Why You Need to Move to Carbon Neutral Web Hosting

Reasons Why You Need to Move to Carbon Neutral Web Hosting

Eco-friendly. Sustainability. Going green. These are not buzzwords. There are approaches that businesses have to adopt. Not only is it done to help the environment, but it’s also necessary to match up with everchanging government regulations.

While there are many different ways to push towards sustainability, one route that shouldn’t be overlooked is carbon neutral web hosting.

You likely know about web hosting. The carbon neutral variety, on the other hand, could be an entirely different story. However, it’s nothing to be scared of – in fact, it is something you should embrace with both hands.

As you probably gather by the name, carbon neutral web hosting is a hosting option that takes an eco-friendly approach. The internet eats up a lot of power. This requires countless numbers of servers that must be on and cooled at all times. With a carbon neutral approach to web hosting, which uses the likes of renewable energy sources, you can help to offset the amount of power that is gobbled up via traditional web hosting.

Are you still not convinced? Let us change that perspective. Here are some key reasons why you need to move to carbon neutral web hosting.

It reduces your carbon footprint

Yes, we have already referenced this in the intro, but it certainly deserves its own section. By opting for carbon neutral web hosting, this naturally helps to reduce your own carbon footprint. Let’s explain why.

Think about the internet for a minute. Try to picture its size. Think about all of the different websites, videos, music, pictures, social media posts, blog content, games, documents, etc. that are hosted online. Yeah, it’s quite a lot. While it’s easy to forget about all of the work that is required behind the scenes to load those cat GIFs and countless reruns of The Office; the environment doesn’t forget – it carries the pain and burden directly.

To host all the content that is present on the internet, many, many servers are required. There are so many servers that these are located in countless specially designed data centres that are dotted all across the world. Not only does it require massive energy consumption to keep them online, the same is necessary for keeping these servers cool to ensure they remain operational. The result: the internet pumps out a large amount of carbon dioxide.

You don’t need a science A-level to know that excess CO2 isn’t good for the environment.

Rather than burn fossil fuels to keep those servers nice and cool, carbon neutral web hosting looks to more eco-friendly solutions. Think wind, water, and sunlight. With renewable energy being used, this helps to greatly reduce the amount of non-renewable energy being used in the web hosting world. Even if it’s only indirectly, you are helping to significantly reduce your carbon footprint with a carbon neutral web host.

Push your eco-friendly approach

Every company is searching for ways to effectively market to their customers. One way to do this is to push your approach to sustainability. Yes, your first thought is likely towards helping the environment. That’s the main reason why you have decided to go down this path. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy some offshoot benefits.

Simply put, more and more people are paying close attention to the businesses they support. They look beyond the products and services. They want to see these brands taking the right approach with how they operate – and that includes being eco-friendly.

As a result, if you make a push towards being green, don’t be silent. Scream it from the rooftops for all to hear. This is a promotional tactic that can give you the edge over the competition. Yes, they may be doing their own green initiatives – but are they going to the extent of using a carbon neutral web host? It’s unlikely at this moment, and this can shine an even bigger positive light on your brand’s sustainability efforts.

You can end up saving money

A business isn’t a business if it is not constantly searching for methods to slash costs. From stock to marketing tactics, every company is striving to reduce their expenses and maximise profit margins. With that in mind, one of the main benefits with carbon neutral web hosting is that it can actually save you money on your hosting requirements.

Now you might be sceptical. ‘New approaches to technology always come with an added cost,’ we can hear you say. Well, that isn’t the case with green web hosting. This is due to the process behind how this web hosting is achieved.

Remember: carbon neutral web hosting is done with renewable energy. This renewable energy, by (and from) nature, massively reduces the electricity bill for a web host company. There’s no added money being spent on keeping those servers cool. Due to this, the web host – that’s us! – can pass on these savings to you, the customer.

Standard web hosting plans can be pricey, particularly after those introductory offers that get you through the door. Reduce this bill permanently by selecting a more affordable – yet just as effective – carbon neutral web host.

It is necessary to grow your business

It’s no secret that climate-focused regulations are beginning to dictate how businesses operate. It also shouldn’t be a surprise that more of these regulations will be coming into place in the future. Rather than wait for these to put pressure on your company – and lead to potential fines and legal issues – get a head start by adopting a carbon neutral approach early.

This isn’t just advantageous for meeting regulations, either. It can also be vital in securing investment to grow your business. Investors are not looking to the past. They want to place their money in organisations that are future oriented. If you demonstrate you are forward-thinking, and that you’re adopting sustainable practices like carbon neutral web hosting, this will reflect positively on your company. This makes you a more attractive proposition to investors.

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