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Advertising theory: The Means-end model

Advertising theory Advertisements, annoying 3 minutes of hell in between your favourite television programme. Radio jingles that get stuck in your head all day, billboards that you pass on the

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James Blackman ‘Counting the cost of late payment’ Podcast

Last week Cocoonfxmedia’s James Blackman featured in episode eight of The Chamber Podcast where the focus and topic of conversation was around late payments and the effect they have on

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Building an innovative culture

Building a culture that is fertile for innovation will vary from organisation to organisation. By it nature innovation is often creative and non-systematic, and cannot therefore be achieved by following

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Three tips to help students combat the social-media ‘cliff-edge’

Key stage 2 is arguably one of the most stressful times before GCSE’s that school children will face, in their academic career. Having had the stress of sats and mock exams

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The face of the UKs skills gap!

The “skills gap” – it’s a common thread to be heard amongst businesses and in the conversations I’ve been privy to businesses usually place the blame squarely on the educational

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James Blackman Awards Ruth Forster The Lichfield and Tamworth Presidents award

Last week we attended the annual Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce awards dinner at The Belfry, where our very own James Blackman was there to present the Lichfield and Tamworth

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5 Sources of competitive advantage

Competitive advantage is a set of circumstances or conditions (such as being first to take a product to market) that puts one company in a more favorable position than the

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5 tips to what makes a good School Website?

We often get asked the above question and it is quite a hard one to answer, however we can give our view on what we think is a good website

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The 17 elements of a school website

Elements to make sure your school website meets its criteria and maximise functionality Schools have various different obstacles to face when deciding to get their institution online. Some of the

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Important lessons to be learnt by generation Z

Important lessons to be learnt by generation Z As Love Island star Georgia Harrison politely noted on Monday night, Twitter was extremely quiet, perhaps due to the amount of public

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