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The benefits of Outsourcing SEO and Social Media Marketing

Can’t see the wood for the trees? The SEO process is a science pretty much in the same mode as the science of ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’

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How to clear cookies form Internet Explorer 8-9

Are you getting the best out of your web browser? Often users are not aware on how web browsers work.  Often a user will purchase a computer and do not

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Google hits Exact Match Domains

Another painful release has been slipped under the radar again by Google this time its Exact Match Domains (EMD).  This is causing massive eruptions in the SEO world and webmasters pulling

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Agile Marketing

We’re a strong believer that you need to work quickly and efficiently to meet the clients needs.  We often use a build cycle on our projects, to quickly bring project to market, but

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Using Current Events To Build Links To Your Website

Generating enough backlinks to your businesses website can be a struggle at times, but there are is constant stream of opportunities that come out of big news events and here

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How to approach customers

We’ve recently found this article on our website and it still has relevance in 2015. In 2007 I started freelance web designer and through my previous roles in Marketing and Sales

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Web site not attracting enough clients

Do these questions sound familiar: Is you’re site not showing up on Google or any of the search engines? I am not getting any sales leads from my website? I

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Web Designer or Web Developer?

What is the difference? Following on from our article written about web design, we thought we would create a useful article on what is the difference between a designer and

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EU Cookie Law – What is Cookie Control?

Because recent EU Cookie Law legislation requires websites to obtain explicit consent before leaving behind or reading files (mostly cookies) on your user’s computers, you need to make the use of cookies on

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Using Audience Feedback to Shape Keyword Strategy

Deciding which keywords are the “best” for your website is an on-going process. You should be constantly analyzing and adjusting your keyword strategy. And there are a variety of tools

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