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Youtube videos embedded into wordpress posts

Youtube videos embedded into wordpress posts Within WordPress there are many different really neat functions which are very easy to implement on your website. Some require a little coding some

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Why use Stumbleupon

StumbleUpon is the easiest way to discover new and interesting web pages, photos and videos across the Web.  Its free to setup so give it a go. For some reason

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Does your website social media shine like a beacon in the night?

Does your website social media shine like a beacon in the night? Ok, so you have taken the plunge and now have a web presence but traffic numbers are not

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External Links

External Links – Best Practices for Search Engine Optimisation! External links is a topic we are regularly asked about and what is best for SEO. External Links are hyperlinks that

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You Need To Entice People To Read Your Page Copy Content

If you are running an online business, you need to entice people to read your page copy content. Don’t ever assume, because your website is up and running, your work

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Anatomy of Facebook Timeline

Everything you need to know about Facebook Timeline in a one-page overview.

Does Google use data from social sites in ranking?

This is an old video from Matt Cutts in 2010, on social media sites contribute to increasing your google rankings.  It is a minor single and I mean a minor

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Bing Web Masters Tools

Here is the link for Bing Web Masters Tool.  It is actually very good in comparison to Google and looks to get better over time. BING web masters tool For

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Web Masters URL submission

Here is a useful tool to help with your web optimisation.  If you add your website URL this will submit your site to Google to be indexed. Submit your web

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Facebook Open Graph Debugging Tool

For all those budding developers out there.  Facebook Open Graph will be the next SEO must have.  Google + are using it and no doubt it will be critical for

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