June 27th 2016

Now is a time for collaboration

This is a statement James has sent for the Presidents column for Tamworth Herald.

Call to action

The most important decision in a generation was made last Thursday, the EU Referendum. We know the result and “Now is a time for collaboration, vision and clarity”- Paul Faulkner, CEO Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, focus on our local economy and work hard to get business booming again. If we support our high street and local businesses, we can make a real impact and grow the local economy.

We would call the government to; act quickly, put internal politics aside, show strong leadership and deliver a clear, credible plan for the UK during post-Brexit in order to restore confidence.

EU Referendum aside I would like to congratulate our patron Drayton Manor of Lichfield & Tamworth Chamber of Commerce in reaching their 50th Million visitor. This is truly a remarkable figure, showing that local attractions really do put Tamworth on the map as a tourist location.

Looking at the local economy we need to be positive to build and inspire the next wave of entrepreneurs’/business leaders and look to develop their expertise.  Future Faces is a division of the Great Birmingham Chamber of Commerce designed to help young professionals develop their skills/talents and business networks. It is also great for a business to invest in their future and help train up the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

A recent survey of businesses in the West Midlands found on average that over £200,000 is regularly owed to businesses.  31% of the businesses surveyed is owed over the agreed payment date between £1000 to £10,000. If every business improved their payments to suppliers on time this would have a massive impact on the local economy across the entire spectrum of sectors.

The Board of Lichfield & Tamworth Chamber of Commerce & Industry have pledged their support to pay suppliers within 30 days or within the agreed terms of the contract and encourage the members and local businesses to support this pledge, you can show your support by using the hashtag #PayIn30Days on Twitter. More on this campaign will follow in future months.

Time to promote

Finally, Tamworth has many businesses and now is the time to start really shouting about what you can do and you should start to really promote what you can do. Let us look forward and put Tamworth on the map for Growth and Innovation, we have the expertise and the drive to clearly show what Tamworth can do.

If you want to raise any questions about Pay In 30 Days, HS2 updates, Skills or Education, Future Faces, we would love to hear from you, just get in touch with one of the committee members (filter on Lichfield & Tamworth) https://www.greaterbirminghamchambers.com/about/council-committees/

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