July 02nd 2019

Lichfield web portal set to revolutionise UK logistics

A Lichfield-based web design and digital marketing agency has just finished work on a major web development project which is set to revolutionise the UK logistics industry.

Cocoonfxmedia Ltd spent 15 months creating a smart logistics portal for global freight forwarding specialist, IFE Global Logistics, which offers real-time tracking of vessels and individual containers in a UK industry first.

It means companies which need to import and export goods can now get more visibility and control over their shipments than ever before – resulting in savings in both time and money.

The smart portal has a range of features all designed to speed up and simplify the often complex process of logistics management.

This includes the pioneering real-time visual tracking at container level. Position data is collected from a vessel’s Automatic Identification System transponder and downloaded to the portal via low-orbiting satellites. This is matched with ship or plane manifests enabling businesses to track individual containers or cartons on the vessel actually carrying their cargo – not the vessel on which the operator says it was originally booked. This real-time tracking of individual vessels and containers is a first for a UK freight forwarder.

Digital Self Service

The IFE Global smart logistics portal also issues automatic updates when there is a shipment update or clearance documentation is required. This reduces delays and keeps everyone informed at each stage of the process.

It also includes accurate and independent forecasts for estimated times of arrival and intuitive graphical displays of a container’s journey, giving much greater visibility on goods in transit.

Once goods have arrived and cleared customs, notifications are sent and onward deliveries to final destinations can be scheduled.

This and the portal’s many other innovative features can be accessed and managed via an easy-to-use dashboard.

An award-winning web design company, Cocoonfxmedia also has more than 13 years of specialist experience in the logistics industry and the pains experienced by freight forwarders and logistics companies in managing data and providing it to customers in an easy-to-understand way.

Managing Partner, James Blackman, said: “We have a unique understanding of how freight forwarding and large-scale logistics works - and the technological and digital developments needed to modernise the sector.

“We also specialise in large scale web development and providing bespoke solutions; the work for IFE Global was a particularly large project. We were tasked with developing a solution from the ground up that would give the industry a functionality it had never experienced before.

“The brief was to create an online portal to enable IFE Global customers to track their shipments, using data from the various systems they use to manage their day to day business. Jamie Cramer, MD of IFE Global, appointed Freeman & Clarke as project managers, who we worked with to take the brief and turn it into a truly leading piece of technology.

“We’re delighted with the outcome as the portal will enable IFE Global Logistics to offer their customers a hugely enhanced digital experience that will make the process of managing their imports and exports easier than ever, while saving them significant time and money.”

Jamie Cramer, Managing Director of IFE Global Logistics, said: “We commissioned Cocoonfxmedia Ltd to help digitalise IFE and to build a real time track and trace Smart Logistics System to provide accurate data to our clients. Their expertise in logistics clearly shows by helping us to develop our ideas and add new features such as C02 reporting and a management reporting suite, as well as other ideas which helped deliver the project.  

“Our customers have said our Smart Logistics System is light years ahead of other freight forwarders/logistics providers. Cocoonfxmedia have smashed it out of the park with the delivery and have demonstrated flexibility and creativity to overcome some incredibly complex problems.  We at IFE look forward to working with James and the team to continue developing the system. I would highly recommend them.”

Digital Self Service for Logistics

Picture caption:  Left to right: IFE Global Logistics Managing Director Jamie Cramer, IFE Global Logistics Financial Director, Dieter Parish, and Cocoonfxmedia Ltd Managing Partner, James Blackman.

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