March 26th 2020

Message for our clients

Message for our clients

A short message from Managing Partner James Blackman & President of Lichfield & Tamworth Chamber of Commerce.

Updated April 2021

At the time of making this video we didn't know how much of an impact COVID-19 was going to have on business. We didn't know that 120,000 + people where unfortunately going to die and that the country and world was effectively put on hold for 15 months and we're on the 3rd lockdown.

Many of our clients where heavily effected and still are effected by the local down measures. Cocoonfxmedia has been effected by COVID but we think now we're more resilient than we where 15 months ago.

Lockdown 3 is Ending May 2021

With the vaccination program underway and a large portion of the UK population has had a vaccination the slow opening up of business is about to happen. Let's hope that the end of this lockdown is the last and that we all can come out of this horror story and start to get back to normal. I really hope that industries like the hospitality industry and the 3 million self employed people who had no support can get back on their feet.

Onwards and Upwards and Keep Business Moving

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