September 23rd 2013

Merging Business Facebook Pages

This is becoming a common question and one of our followers suggested the following really useful tip on how to merge Facebook duplicate business pages.

So I already had a company page, but it wasn’t linked to my personal page and for some bizarre reason the company page wasn’t letting me ad myself as an admin role.

Adding yourself as admin in Facebook:

1. While logged into your personal page, create a company page of the same/similar name.
2. In this new company page (within your personal page), click Edit Page and then Manage Admin Roles; make your separate company page an admin manager (use your business email address or whatever you used to set up the company page)
3. Log out of your personal page and into your separate company page
4. Click on Edit Page and then Merge Duplicate Pages
5. Follow the online instructions, drop down menu’s etc....selecting the separate company page to keep, and merge it with the company page you created WITHIN your personal page
6. The pages will then be merged – Log out of your company page.
7. Log back into your personal page, click on the cog, and the original company page will now be available within your personal page.

Author:  Gabriella Strano
Lozzolino - Bespoke Textiles and Interior Design

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