July 22nd 2011

Making Online Marketing Work for You

Making Online Marketing Work for You

Utilising the internet to promote your business and see profits has become much easier using tactics that get your website or article ranked in the top results which consumers will see when they search for relevant products and services. What we are talking about is sometimes known as search engine optimisation (SEO). Here, you take into account what specific word criteria potential customers will type into a search engine and use these words in your website or article a certain number of times to make it the most likely search result.

But how does it all come together to earn you cash?

Market research

First, you will do some market research so you can get a feel of your potential clients like their shopping habits such as budget, preferences, expectations etc. It doesn’t make sense for you to have very attractive products then aim them towards the wrong market group or present the products poorly. Gaining some form of presence online demands that you target the right people with the right methods and at the right time. The next portion of your research will be geared towards your online competitors. Always assume that they also know about marketing with SEO so that you can try to remain above the bar. Learn what they are offering and how they present it so you can be better than they are.

User friendly websites

Secondly, you need to make your website user friendly. Let’s say you are using link building to connect your website to others which could either be affiliates or your own businesses as well. As a customer, I have often gone from a nicely built website to one which was just uninviting with its layout and navigation hurdles. If you want your clients to find your site and stick around longer, you must ensure that the overall website design is easy to navigate and makes for easier shopping. Make that “add to cart” button irresistible. Apart from customers, did you know that a simpler website design makes it easier for you to be located by what are known as “search engine spiders” or web crawlers? These normally browse through websites to pick up those important keywords and links that go into placing you either in a top or bottom rank on major search engines such as Google.

Create a strategy

Third, you need to have a strategy which will see your online marketing campaign work. Keeping up traffic to your website is no easy task. Turn your visitors into a stable client base by using emails to keep them posted on any new developments and referrals to get even more traffic from your existing portfolio. But how? Make use of subscribe buttons which allow you to create an email database of clients while also employing the use of “share” buttons which link to other social sites which are often visited. Consider this; if a customer has a personal profile on  any of the major social networking sites, a single click on your website is all it takes for everyone else in that person’s address book to be informed of your page. That translates to higher traffic, which in turn translates to higher sales potential.

To be completely honest, online marketing is quite simple. All you have to do is know what card to play, when and where to play it. It is safe to say that every single potential client uses a search engine to find what they want. Google is the most common solution in such a case and considering that the average search produces millions of results, you want to ensure that you get a strategic position in that pile of options to capture the attention of these potential clients then follow through with an attractive sales pitch to convert that to sales and repeated traffic.

Search engine optimisation is a very powerful tool which can be used to ensure that your business is successful both online and offline. At the same time, don’t make your website a hidden little island in the vast sea of information online. Use link building to connect you to other websites similar to yours to reach an even wider market and realise even higher traffic and sales numbers.

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