July 29th 2015

Major Update from Google! - Panda 4.2

We’ve had Google’s Mobile update recently and then, out of the blue, an unexpected announcement on the 17th July Google announcing the release of Panda 4.2. Now that is something unusual, as before Google have never announced their updates. The update is not an algorithm change but an update to the existing updates.

Our recommendations are as follows

  • Website must be mobile responsive to Google standards
  • Must have high quality original content
  • Content must be shareable
  • Website is up to date and current i.e regular updates.
  • User is guided through the site nicely and not too many irrelevant links.

Industry experts are saying that Google will only crawling through around 30% of your website. They take this 30% and compare it against spam websites within their database. If you score highly your whole site will be dropped from the index, until you fix the issues. This is unlike other updates that only affected pages.

The thinking behind this is that sites with poor content, no updates and little effort to promote themselves online are still getting high positions on Google, it is these sorts of sites we believe the update is taking aim at.

We would highly recommend that if you’re site hasn’t been touched in a while it is worth giving us a call to discuss what can be done to avoid this latest Google update having any negative effects on your site.

Little fact - The Panda Algorithm was not named after the big black and white animal but Biswanath Panda

Google Panda Update: Everything We Know About Panda 4.2 (The SEM Post)

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