December 23rd 2014

Just to What the heck am I doing with Twitter?

Social Media often scares off a lot of businesses as they’re unsure of the benefits and what to do with them. Often it’s the fear of writing or thinking that their clients will not use them.

Chances are your clients or potential clients are using Twitter, and regularly, and the fact you’re not you could be losing out.

Twitter isn’t about “Sales” its not about saying you stubbed your toe and it hurts. Twitter is a way to amplify what you do as a business. We often get asked when managing our clients social media accounts that they must have more followers! We question this with a simple question Why?

You could be following 10 people and have 1 million people following you, however if only 10 people of that 1 million mention your brand or your products you’re not going to get noticed through the 500 million tweets a day [Source Twitter ]. It’s better to have 100 people following you and 10 of them regularly interact with yourself.

Like anything to do with business you need to have a strategy and a plan, and from this you can work out what you need to do to get the benefit the most from social media.

So what the heck you doing with Twitter?

There are more and more businesses engaging every day on twitter with twitter hours for virtually every town/city and location in the UK. It’s about getting the right messages out there. It’s about trail and error, by getting stuck into tweeting you can only find out which works for your business.

No glove fits all. However something’s do work very well and as long as your not afraid to have a go you may find it very beneficial.

Like anything you need to have a presence and influence to get people to trust your brand. With Twitter it is very easy to connect with your industry influencers or experts in business. Don’t be afraid to mention them in a tweet or ask them to share some of your comments. As long as you don’t harass them they’re more likely to respond.

Don’t be afraid to ask a question, normally the influencers on twitter don’t mind answering the question. Getting them to do this will amplify your message to the people they follow, its not an endorsement but it may spur people to following turn amplifying your message to gain further reach.

Make sure you send out tweets with a mixture of brand messages with no links and a mixture of messages to areas of your website. However the biggest thing is to share is other peoples content! You’ve got to spend time engaging with your followers, you don’t have to retweet everything. You can even have a conversation with some of your followers by using a #Hashtag you can all follow.

The power of a retweet is massive and a tweet with your link to your product retweeted 1000’s of times could have a positive impact on your search engine rankings especially if people are clicking on the link from the retweet.

If you don’t think you’ve got time to post to social media then there are loads of productivity tools and services out there to help you. If you don’t know what to write then get a copy writer to help you, often they will create tweets which are grammatically correct and slightly more creative.

The long and short of it is, Twitter is one of the most cost effective Brand management tools. It can be your virtual sales person and can lead to growing your business through reputation or through sales.

If you’ve got any questions on Social Media please post your comments below and we will be happy to answer them. We’re also on twitter every day, pretty much all day. So please connect with us @cocoonfxmedia.

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