February 21st 2017

In uncertain times, remember the basics

I am going to try and write this as neutrally as possible. The Brexit situation has seen some of the most emotional out pouring over politics seen in this country since … well as a young man (ahem!) I can’t quite remember when. But the divide has been a clear one.

It is difficult to say what is going to happen for sure, ultimately everything will be okay, the world will keep turning but I dare say for some it will prove a rocky road. However, for all the news Brexit occupies and for all the discussion on figuring out what will happen, there seem to be a common thread in peoples’ actions, and that is one of a complete absence.

Precaution is being kept well in doors

There is a lot of positive talk about how Brexit hasn’t had a massive impact on the UK, there are of course arguments against that stance, the main point for me is Brexit has not actually happened yet.
Many people (SME organisations) appear to be waiting for some sort of outcome. The outcome of Brexit though will not be a clearly defined line in the sand over which we cross. Despite waiting for Article 50 to be enacted the effects of the referendum1 are taking place now. There will be a series of changes and alterations potentially over the next decade or so that organisations need to be ready to respond, and so the best action to take is the same one of ‘business as usual’.

Fortune favours the bold, or at least the prepared!

When running a business one should always have on eye on what is going on around you. Will newly proposed legislation affect your supply chains, if an outbreak of foot and mouth happens how will it affect your exports. It’s this sort of thinking that will help your business survive. Scope the future and decide where you need to be agile, see where you can push your organization to be ahead of the curve.

We do this now with our own web clients, we keep our finger on the pulse, scan the horizon and build sites with technology that we believe will be standardised in the future. This approach supports our clients in gaining customers over their competition.

Line up your ducks

Get yourself in good order, manage the supply chains well, ensure your marketing materials are up to scratch, that they align with the bigger plan, that your website is error free and best placed to serve your client base. Build and promote your offers in line with what you think will be happening in your market place, and do it now. I’ll say that again … “DO IT NOW!”.

There is no point in hesitation, that is what your competition are doing. It is what most people are doing, be proactive and show your doing business head on. Tackling potential issue before that even arise. I know who I would prefer to do business with, how about you? The re-actionist or the pro-actionist.

One last thought

Speaking with people from the larger corporate and banking backgrounds they have noticed something which SMEs tend to avoid. Strategic partnerships. People are doing business in the equivalent way one might stand in a networking room with your arms folded up high on your chest. This goes back to supply chain management and using partnerships to augment your services. If you own a wedding shop why not partner with the supplier of the wedding cake in some sort of way.

In Summary

Don’t hang about, build your foundations early, do your research and be pro-active. Finally identify and build mutual beneficial relationships, do not close yourself off.



  1. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/connect/small-business/impact-of-brexit-on-small-businesses/

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