December 19th 2018

Improve Your Web Hosting In Three Easy Steps

For those unsure as to how to improve their current web hosting practices, it can be a minefield out there, with hosting providers and services offering various suggestions. Below is a mini-guide to how you can easily improve your web hosting.

1. Optimise your site’s speed and accessibility

It’s vital to ensure that your website is given prominence so that it is optimised for its users. Ensuring your website is mobile-first can set it up to appeal to the ever-expanding m-commerce market, which is expected only to rise in the coming years.

Another critical consideration is site speed. Site speed has a direct impact on your site ranking, and fast-loading sites are far more likely to retain their customers if web pages are quick to load. Consumers are becoming increasingly impatient, and users will quickly leave a site that does not load quickly. Therefore, invest time and resources in improving your site speed so that you don’t lose out on valuable customers.

2. Seek opportunities to improve your website performance

You can secure connections through appropriate web hosting, which can come in many forms and can be SSL Free as standard. No matter what hosting provider you are using, you should seek to improve your overall performance so you can save yourself time and simplify processes. Web hosting software such as cPanel can do just this, and WordPress is continually looking to make improvements to their interface and programming to improve usability for its users. Just this year they introduced a new editor, Gutenberg, with an aim to enhance usability for regular users of the site, making editing an easier, cleaner, more efficient process.

Types of web hosting to consider

  • Green Web Hosting

You can also consider green web hosting. As an energy-intensive process, the number of resources spent can be reduced by truly considering your options. You are doing your bit for the environment, but you are also getting fast results, up to the standard required.

  • Cloud-based hosting

Cloud-based hosting can simplify your business processes and make it easier for both your business and your customers. Cloud-based website monitoring, for example, can monitor the efficiency, cost and scalability of your website, leaving you to focus on growing your business. Being able to track your network, any time, anywhere is a massive advantage of cloud-based web hosting, meaning you are not limited to a set location. For businesses big or small, this lack of limitation can provide more scope and opportunity for business expansion, knowing your website and business processes are in the best hands.

3. Consider website efficiency

Another way to improve your web hosting is to consider tips and tricks that can reduce the labour-intensive aspects of a website. This could include any unnecessary additions or features to your site taking up valuable space. For example, you could reduce the image sizes. A large percentage of a website’s page weight can be taken up by images. New image formats such as JPeg XR can help reduce image weight by up to 50 percent and can make your site load faster, too. The quality of the images will remain the same, which is essential for visitors to your website who will make assumptions about your business from something as simple as the quality of your images.

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