September 06th 2019

I Worked at Cocoonfxmedia And These Are My Final Thoughts

I Worked at Cocoonfxmedia And These Are My Final Thoughts

Hi. I’m Curtis Lynam - I’m writing this on my last day of work experience with Cocoonfxmedia and it has been eventful to say the least.

Before I came to this company I worked two weeks in the business and marketing sector of a College. Dressed in suits and ties, I learnt a lot about the profession, I must admit, but nothing quite compares with the approach that Cocoonfxmedia takes - how they teach you the necessary skills, and the variety of skills the experience enhances. Let me tell you what I mean…

How Does It Differ from Other Work Experience Offers?

No matter how much you work at high-brow companies, there’s a kind of experience that a large establishment like a college just can’t offer you. In Cocoonfxmedia, you get eased into a situation where you’re doing pivotal work for real-life clients.

Say a client wants Cocoonfxmedia to write a blog for them so they ask you to perform that task. Sounds like you won’t learn a lot, right? Wrong! This company gives you lessons on Search Engine Optimisation, Google analytics, back-linking, and many more in an incredibly easy-to-digest yet informative manner and show you how to incorporate all that within the blog. After this, you post it and watch the graph displaying customer activity on the client’s page rise exponentially on Google analytics. Seeing your own work having a positive effect on a real business and being able to say “That was me. I did that” is something larger companies rarely offer. Not being able to have that experience means you a getting a less effective insight into that line of business.

The Thin Slice.

There is a space between being a company that is so big that you, the worker, are seen as a source of free labour so are tasked with repetitive, unbeneficial tasks and being a company that is so small that there is no interesting or educational work for you to do due to the lack of clients so, once again, you get repetitive tasks. Cocoonfxmedia is the space between these two sides of the spectrum – The thin slice. They are popular enough to have enough clients to task you with work that gives you positive experiences and knowledge and actively try to mix up your activities so you’re not stuck doing a million blogs or uploading a million pictures.

I have now been a part of various unique working environments such as retail positions in large companies, retail in charities, and, of course, business and management positions in large companies and smaller companies. Cocoonfxmedia has been the most educational out of these – Before coming to this company, I didn’t know what SEO, web design, digital marketing, deficits, and back-linking was all about. I didn’t know that google analytics existed, how to use it, and how interesting and useful it can be in this profession. Thanks to the help I’ve received by the staff, I now have a much better understanding of all these things which will undoubtedly be incredibly helpful to me in future.

In conclusion, I started work experience at companies related to business and management to see if it was something I would like to pursue when I attend university and I can say with complete confidence that the time I have spent at Cocoonfxmedia is the most significant reason why I’m more confident about pursuing that career. The equilibrium between the friendly atmosphere and professional lessons was perfectly executed to provide the best experience for me. I would highly recommend them for any persons considering whether to use their services or considering whether to work for them. You will not regret it – I haven’t. If you have any questions, please contact me or Cocoonfxmedia here:

Me (Instagram): @Curtis_Lynam

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