January 14th 2020

How to Increase Sales on Your E-Commerce site

Get ready for new visitors, new purchasers and loyal customers with our handy guide on how to increase sales on your e-commerce site!

We know that every e-commerce site owner wants more sales so whether there is a slump in sales due to the economy, time of the month or just a lack of customers knowing you’re there, this post is for you!

Step One – Make sure your site is user friendly

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to E-Commerce is user friendliness! Make sure that the buying process on your site is as simple and secure looking as possible, cart abandonment rates could be due to a site problem where for example the VAT doesn’t add up on the cart or with miss- advertised prices or even confusing message surrounding postage and packaging.

Your consumer needs to be able to trust you and your site so make sure you get that SSL Certificate, have a secure way to pay and ask 5-10 of your friends/ family to take your buying process step by step and give you feedback about what needs to be improved.

Step Two – Offer users something!

People love something for nothing, whether it’s something as simple as a free gift which you may have acquired for free yourself – you could team up with another small business to help gain them some brand recognition or it could be free postage! Yes, really, you’d be surprised with the amount of people that are put off buying a £100 item because of the £3.99 Postage and Packaging! Give it a try and see what happens for yourself.

Step Three – Optimize your email strategy

When people visit your site, you may have the opportunity to gain your visitors email address! Making sure that this is compliant with the GDPR, as long as you have permission to email these people you can set up a simple form asking for their email addresses or even have consent tick box forms fitted to make things easier!

You can set up re-marketing filters and funnels to capture those customers that you miss or that abandon their cart, perhaps reminding them what’s in their cart and offering them some sort of discount to get them back on board. This is a great opportunity to start segmenting your email lists into buying stages to try different strategies, which will optimize the way your brand works in the future. If you want to automate the segmentation processes and send bulk email automatically, I recommend you to use EngageBay's marketing automation software designed for this purpose. 

Step Four – Engage with your clients and customers

This is the perfect time to mention your social media! If you need to be seen why not run a giveaway on Instagram, offering something for free to people who ‘like & tag a friend in the comments’ of your post to win an item.

This is a great way of spreading your brand in the initial days and reaching as many people as possible! Also make sure you like or repost any images of your customers with their orders and answer any questions they leave privately or publicly in the comments section.

Step Five – Facebook Advertising

If all else fails or you just want to reach a wider audience why not run a Facebook ad! If you don’t have time to do this yourself or are worried that you can’t optimise your audience enough, or even to avoid misspending your budget this is something a full-service agency can help you with!

Facebook is still one of the easiest ways to reach mass audiences, MOZ even say that by spending just $1 on Facebook you can reach up to 4000 people if you’re doing it right! You can also set up Facebook shops which is a great way to shorten the buying process and make quick sales!

Now it’s your turn

By trying any of the above strategies you are guaranteed to at least make an impact and gain a little more reach than you would have done without! Start implementing and see the results for yourself!

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