May 26th 2022

HOW TO DRIVE traffic to your website

HOW TO DRIVE traffic to your website

There are many misconceptions about websites and how to get them to work in the way you attended them. Those websites that are successful regularly update and market their website. 

There are 5 essential principles that lead you to have a ready-made salesperson and marketing tool. Each of the 5 elements can be tackled one at a time and all of them will have a direct benefit to your website and generate traffic and sales leads.

1. Site foundation 
Your site needs to be technically sound. We audit your site and identify what’s what. We’ll go through the results with you. Google has introduced a thing called Core Web Vitals which has given more insight into how a site should be set up. Speed and user experience are key. 

2. Keyword research 
Keyword research is critical to any campaign and should actually be used to help shape your business plan. Looking at your business and who you want to target will shape what you need to do. Keyword research not only will help with your business but it will also help to shape a plan and a strategy for driving traffic to your website. When doing your research you can find out how many times particular keywords are being searched on average per month.

3. Backlinks 
These are links from 3rd party sites that link back to your site. This builds your site's importance/authority with the search engines which in turn helps rankings. This is the key area to getting more traffic which in turn will lead to a high number of conversions and calls.

4. Relevant content 
A primary tactic is to create blogs that are relevant to the subject matters that we need your site to be found for. Google craves content, such that Text, Video, white papers etc... The big misconception is that I need more graphics than text. Google can't read what's within the Image so how can they evaluate your site to rank you. That's why writing regular blogs increases user engagement and also Google can crawl the information. If they find a link (Backlink) to another site they will check the relevance and then also look at that site as well. That's why point 3 is a critical part of the process.

5. Local SEO 
This is optimising the Google My Business listing and other directory sites so information is consistent. This helps a lot with branded search and mobile search. "Restuarant near me" is often a common search phrase on mobiles. If your listing isn't updated and optimised you will not be found on the Google Map near the top. Local SEO is a very good start and an economical start to driving traffic.

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