October 09th 2012

How to clear cookies form Internet Explorer 8-9

Are you getting the best out of your web browser?

Often users are not aware on how web browsers work.  Often a user will purchase a computer and do not understand that web browsers store information to help a website load quicker.

However there is a down side to this, often Internet Explorer and other browsers will store the information but will not automatically look for updates or automatically clear.  A user will not realise that they could be looking at an old version of until they've manually cleared the files out.

What are these Files?

The files are called cookies.  Cookies are not harmful to the computer or the user.  However they do take up space within the browser.  The user may think the internet speed is slow or a webpage is slow, but it will be down to a bit of house cleaning. All the user needs to do is to clear the cookies from their browser.

How to clean out these files.

1. Open your internet browser and go to "Tools".  Once this opens a window/popup will show called "Internet Options" and then the "General Tab".  You will then see an option about halfway down called "Browser history" and then click on "Delete" (please see image below).

Step 1 how to clear your cookies

2. Another window will appear with some tick options.  Select "Cookies" it also wouldn't harm to click "Temporary Internet Files".

Step 2 Clear cookies

Then click on the "Delete" button.  Depending on if you have or haven't done this before, it could take 3 seconds or 5 minutes.


Internet Explorer 9 is the same process and click on Safety


The system will indicate once its complete. You should also do a disk defragmentation after this to properly index your system.

Close down your browser and open it again.  Another way to flush the browser is to press F5 or the Control button and F5 which does a force refresh of the web browser but this will only clear out the cookies for the website your viewing.

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Author: James Blackman - Online Marketing expert and Expert Web Developer

The above information is a guide and we do not take any responsibility for any problems with your machine if you follow these steps. If your unsure on what to do speak to your local IT technical support.

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