November 30th 2015

Getting your website working hard for you!

So you’re a business owner or a marketing manager and the continuous thought in the back of your head is the website isn’t working. I am not enough from it.  Does this sound familiar?

We’re going to help address this very question within this blog. This is not another blog on how to create content or our opinion on how to rank better on Google.

Well sort of, not going to kid you, we want some traffic to our website but more importantly we want to make sure your website is working for you so you can reap all the benefits that come with it.

My website isn’t working?

If you’re talking to a SEO company they would possibly recommend Adword’s, do some back linking or develop a content strategy. STOP! Let’s look at the question again. My website isn’t working! Why isn’t it?

Take yourself out of your business and think about what you’re trying to achieve. What is the purpose of your website. Is it geared up to help be a lead generation website, or is it about brand awareness, is it pure selling or do you want to be a recognised expert within your field.

Often when you first built your website you possibly don’t even think about the text and the purpose of the text. Possibly the way the text was written is more about you and what your going to do rather than solving an issue the user is looking for.

If you read every page on your website does it look rushed and more importantly is it up to date and accurate.

Approaching customers

What is the tone you’re using is it telling the users your good at something, is there anything to back up what you’re claiming to be an expert? More importantly does the website instil confidence in your company and what your selling.

If the answer is ‘no’ to any of this, then you need to consider taking a step back and have a bit of a rethink on what your trying to achieve. Let’s look at websites that are experts in what they do, you will see that both visually and content wise they’re either going to take you on a journey or direct you to a sale. The wording is well thought out and the context would meet ‘persona profiles’ from their marketing strategy.

My content is out of date, is it unique?

Once a website is built often a business may not have time to update the content, the website may be working well for a few months, a year and then suddenly traffic drops and people start to lose interest in your website. This again leads to the first question; my website isn’t working. Think of your website as an entity, at the moment it’s slow, it’s not performing, it’s anti social!

So let’s take your website to the gym, lets give it a regular workout lets get it in trim, keep the content current and regularly update your site. Get your content out on social media, encourage people to start talking about your site content. Updating the content will also find possible areas which need improving like user experience i.e images how to get to places on the website, how to find information quickly.

Go through your content, does your content say ‘I’ and ‘we’ a lot, change it so the focus is on the user, ‘you’, ‘your’.

I don’t have time or money to do this?

Possibly you don’t have the time but if you want your website to work you need to find someone who can help you do this. Take our partnership programme, it’s been developed to specifically help business to regain their time and to turn their website into a well oiled healthy tool to help you achieve your goals. If you don’t have the money, you then need to weigh up what the website is for, back to the beginning.

If you want your website to work, you will need to spend money, it is an investment and you have to think ok if I want to grow my turnover by 20% then you need to look at how your going to achieve that. If you’re main selling tool is your website, you need to budget some costs to get your website up the rankings and out on social media. If you’ve got the budget but not got the time, then you should outsource this to experts like us who can take your website to the next level and get it to work.

This is going to be harsh, if you’ve got a website and you don’t want to spend time or money (the same thing) you can’t expect your website to perform.

If you want your website to work, then please get in contact with us we can help identify and measure where your website isn’t working and improve how your website performs.

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