December 06th 2012

Does your social media shine like a beacon?

Does your website social media shine like a beacon in the night?

Ok, so you have taken the plunge and now have a web presence but traffic numbers are not what you envisaged. You've worked hard on optimising the site for maximum profile in search engine rankings but visitor numbers are still not good. Maybe your website is already established but you are at a loss as to how to gain more qualified visitors, increase sales leads and conversions. The answer is social media; if you don't have a social media strategy to engage potential customers your website is like a lighthouse minus the lamp.

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Engaging your audience

Millions of people around the world are engaged on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Instant communication is now the considered norm; take a look around you and you’ll see what I mean. Travelling to work on the bus, train or walking to work you'll see hundreds of people engaged on their smartphones. They may be texting, surfing the web or checking out the latest ‘#hashtag’ trend on Twitter. Guaranteed if they're checking out the latest tweet, that tweet more than likely originated by way of a coordinated social media management strategy.

Social media isn't just limited to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; Google+ is another platform and all can be used to good effect to increase the profile of a website business. The world is hungry for information; consumers want to know about the latest addition to a product line or a new service. They are also fickle; the last thing they want is an ‘in your face sales pitch.

The art of the social media platform commentator is a two-way street. You have to engage consumers in order for them to engage you. And if they engage you, never ignore them. And remember, tweets and Facebook postings are never ignored by followers. They will always check them out, just in case, they may be missing something of benefit to them.

A two-way street

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are two primary examples that allow two-way communication. If you receive a comment from someone following your Twitter profile or from a fan of your Facebook page, you should answer as rapidly as possible. One thing you should never do is ignore anyone who has taken the time to engage your business. If you incur their wrath they could rapidly spread a (truthful) ‘#hashtag’ message that ‘so-and-so business’ is a waste of time or something along those lines.

However, who has the time to actively and efficiently use Facebook and other social media platforms when they're trying to run a business? If you find yourself in this situation you definitely need a coordinated social media management strategy to keep things ticking over smoothly. Cocoonfxmedia offers a complete management service tailored exactly to the circumstances of a website owner.

Exponential growth

Social media engagement and use is growing exponentially, and where it is going is no one’s guess. Such has been its rapid evolution and progress even experienced commentators are unable to agree on what social media will be in even a year’s time.

However, the one thing they all agree on is that social media platforms and their integration into website businesses is essential element for success.

Does your website business stand out like a beacon in the night, or is it sorely lacking a social media presence? If it is the latter, isn't it about time you did something about it?

Graham Green is a freelance writer and blogger. He has reviewed social media management strategies provided by Cocoonfxmedia as an element of his work.

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