July 23rd 2020

Do you want to be your own David to the Goliaths of logistics?

Do you want to be your own David to the Goliaths of logistics?

Many small to mid-sized freight forwarders often cannot compete against the larger forwarders as simply they don’t have the technical know-how or capability. Having worked at Kuehne + Nagel on their systems and in sales I understand how technology really does separate you.

Rates don’t come in to the equation when you offer full track and trace and automated processes. I always remember when doing the Marketing for K+N in the UK that we were constantly telling sales, push KN Login push the technology - no one else can compete.

When in sales as I knew the KN Login product inside and out, it was easy to turn round to a client and ask what’s your problem.  “Oh I get snagged in customs or always miss the engineer when I ship my engines via Airfreight”… the solution was simple, K+N can clear your cargo while in the Air and you can setup a notification to be sent to the Engineer for when the shipment is out for delivery. A really simple sale. That sale was boat engine parts for Sealine Yachts back in 2005.

Seeing an Article by the CEO of K+N - Detlef Trefzger on Aircargo News, saying that K+N have been mopping up shipments which normally small and mid-sized forwarders would normally get due to COVID spurred me on to write this blog.

What if I told you that you don’t need to have billions in your back pocket to develop advanced track and trace system with this capability.

Grab market share from larger forwarders

CocoonFMS is actually KN Login on steroids in my humble opinion, it’s taken less time to develop with more flexibility.  The system can already send out notifications, it can also allow you to make bookings and will have quote function.  It also is a SaSS based software so basically means you get a fully robust system which can compete instantly with the likes of K+N, making you the David to their Goliath of the logistics industry.

Having the same, if not better, tools which are quicker to develop than the big freight forwarders gives you the competitive edge, it will help you break the barriers to get the larger volumes as often you can’t get in through the front door as you don’t have the Value Added Services like K+N.

Don’t let the Goliath stop you from growing, let’s start levelling the technical playing field and give you the tools to take on the big forwarders. If you want to find out more please do get in contact with us on 0121 8203659 and we would love the pleasure to demonstrate our system or you can contact our Executive Consultant - Anthony Quinn

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