January 18th 2017

digital marketing agency celebrates record growth

A Midlands-based web design and digital marketing agency is celebrating record growth having doubled its turnover in two years.

Cocoonfxmedia Ltd in Lichfield will now be expanding with new services, new staff and expectations for turnover to double again next year.

The business was set up six years ago by managing partner James Blackman who wanted to bring something different to the web design arena with a vision for a transparent service that delivers measurable results.

It’s a model that has struck the right chord with businesses as many of Cocoonfxmedia’s initial customers are still with the company now and lots of new clients are won through word of mouth and referrals. The rate of growth has been rapid and consistent.

From web design to print and marketing

James said: “When we first started we offered web development and have since evolved to include design and marketing as well, so we can provide the whole internet package. We work very closely with our clients; they know exactly what they are paying for and we deliver on their goals. We stand out because we are completely transparent about what we will do for them, and for that reason our clients stay with us.

“I took on my first employee in 2014 and we have continued to grow and grow. We are now getting some good sizeable companies joining us. Next year we will be taking on another developer which will increase our capabilities further.

“This will bring a whole new level to what we can offer and will be focusing more on developing useful, viable apps, as well as a whole range of new products which will help our clients.”

It’s just as well James knows what he’s doing in business, because as well as being vital to the success of his own company, his acumen is also vital to the interests of the 160-plus companies he represents in his role as President of the Lichfield and Tamworth Chamber of Commerce.

Becoming Chamber President

James was elected to the role in only his third year as a member of the Chamber and as such he provides a key link between local members and the management board of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, to ensure that the concerns and issues of local businesses are addressed.

In this role and at the helm of his own business, James works tirelessly towards the goal of improving the local economy. This includes encouraging people to use local businesses and services and to pay their suppliers in a timely fashion.

The Lichfield and Tamworth Chamber of Commerce has launched a Pay in 30 Days pledge as one of its main policies for this year. (https://www.greaterbirminghamchambers.com/lichfieldtamworth)

“Using local companies is the way forward, and it’s critical, especially in light of Brexit. If everyone focusses on local businesses, there will be less of an impact when Article 50 is triggered,” James said.

As well as championing the local economy, James is also looking forward to taking his company to the next level.

“More and more businesses are realising how critical it is to have a decent, functioning internet presence. We work with clients ranging in size from one-man bands to much bigger operations.

“Technology is changing rapidly. We are certainly expecting big changes in SEO and the way businesses appear on the internet, as well as in the use of smart phones and apps, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds,” James added.

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