August 11th 2020

Content Marketing: 5 Essential Reasons to Use Infographics

Content Marketing: 5 Essential Reasons to Use Infographics

When it comes to attracting new customers to your website, one of the most effective ways is obviously with content marketing. Yet you cannot simply rely on putting a quick article together and stuffing it with keywords. That worked before, but content creation has evolved since those primitive days.

Now you need to create content that stands out. It needs to be engaging, packed full of valuable information, and eye-catching. The longer you retain your audience, the more favourable Google will view your website.

This is why visual content is so important. It’s also why you should be incorporating infographics into your work. Not convinced? Here are five reasons to consider.

1. It catches the attention

Visuals grab the attention of users more than text. That’s a fact. As a result, any written content must be interspersed with visual content – such as infographics – to maximise impact.

Of course, for an infographic to be effective, you need to have advanced graphic design skills – or hire an outlet that does. A drab infographic or one that is thin on details isn’t going to provide the desired results, so take particular care in its creation.

2. Boost brand awareness

When an infographic is produced, these supply the ideal space to boost brand awareness. You can use them to include your logo, social media profiles, website address, and other contact information. If you create a steady stream of infographics that are shared around the web, you can quickly establish your brand as a trusted one in your industry.

3. Makes content more understandable

Say you produce a long article that’s full to the brim with technical details. For the average reader, they’re going to struggle to fully take in the information you’re trying to convey with your content.

With an infographic, however, everything changes. You can take paragraphs of text, trim these down into bite-sized chunks of focused information, and serve them up in a visually appealing fashion.

4. The chance to go viral

Due to their nature, a well-produced infographic has a real fighting chance of going viral – particularly when compared to ordinary text content. An original and attractive infographic is perfect sharing material.

It only takes a few posts, likes, retweets, etc. to get the ball rolling on social media. Within hours, your infographic could be seen by tens of thousands of potential customers.

5. Increase traffic

When you put everything together, there’s one main reason for using infographics: they’ll increase visitor numbers for your website. If it receives significant attention on social media as mentioned in the previous point, people are going to become curious about your brand and search for more information.

Also, it will enhance your SEO efforts. Google rewards sites that retain visitors. If you utilise infographics within the content, people are naturally going to remain on your website for longer. This helps to demonstrate your site has something of value to offer, and Google will place it higher up in relevant search results as a result.

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