April 07th 2013

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The Sheer Online Wonders of Chatwing’s Embeddable Chat Software

If you will put all blogging applications and widgets in a swimming pool, the whole area will overflow with the chances of drowning people. In other words, there are many applications and widgets that you can access in the World Wide Web today. Most of these applications are paid, while others can be used for free. When it comes to usability rate though, these apps vary and this is where the competition stands out. Let me recommend to you a specific chat application that is clearly making a buzz today: Chatwing chat software.

Chatwing looks simple, just like the average lemonade stall in the corner. However, if you try looking at it, you will discover the unique options that Chatwing can offer. Virtually, Chatwing is a creative solution to your online visibility needs. I consider Chatwing as an all-in-one package that helps you create the chatroom of your dreams. From scratch, you can set colors, choose background images, and become the real boss of your chat lounge. It’s like hosting a party, except that you are doing it online, minus the hassles.

When it comes to parameters, Chatwing emerges as a champion. You can easily set up the login options for your visitors—Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Guest, or even Chatwing account. This simply means that your visitors will have more options in joining the chat party. Well, the more, the merrier. Additionally, you will gain high rates of exposure for your blog or website. If you are selling a product or service, this is your chance for success.

Since you are the chatroom admin, you have different privileges. If there are obnoxious visitors in a chatroom, you can just ban them easily in just one click. You can even determine how long these visitors will be banned. It’s a step by step process. Word filters are also allowed in the chatroom, so that integrity is preserved by all means. To set a word filter, just enter any word and the platform will do the blocking process.

I can say that the benefits of a Chatwing chat app tool really shine among the rest. Think of this: a customizable chat tool that offers visibility increase for your website, and you can avail it for free. There are no subscription fees or whatsoever. It is your website’s chance for prosperity.

Author Bio:

Aaron Kong is an active web developer and technology enthusiast who believes in the power of communication. The core principles of Chatwing are based on open internet standards and freedom of speech. In his spare time he enjoys testing open source standards and open web protocols.

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